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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Siblings (Week 7)

This week's challenge is pretty straightforward: write about my siblings.

The sibs and me in 1986 [Clockwise from top left: me, Allison, Andrew, Elizabeth]

Elizabeth is the oldest of the Nelson kid clan and is 6 years older than I am. As the first child and the first grandchild on both sides of the family, she was never lacking in attention growing up and apparently didn't take too kindly to having her territory invaded by not 1, not 2, but 3 younger siblings. Thankfully, she eventually came to like all of us (... at least I think she does)!

Elizabeth is the life of the party and has more friends than anyone I know (both on Facebook and in real life). She is spontaneous, entertaining, and has a contagious laugh. But in addition to being a social butterfly, she is also sincere and loyal, which is why so many call her a friend.

Allison and I totally wanted to be her when we were little, but in true big sister fashion, she was constantly kicking us out of her room and picking on us. Once she graduated from college and moved home, we started to finally get along, and though we don't get to spend a lot of time together these days, I always look forward to seeing her.

She and her husband, Ford, live in Dallas and decided to carry on the tradition by also having 4 kids (Emma - 10, Brown - 8, Sayers - 6, and Mary Frances - 5). She's a stay-at-home mom by day and a socialite the rest of the time (I mean that in a funny way, not a snobby way)!

Andrew is the only boy and is right in the middle of the girls (3 years younger than Elizabeth, 3 years older than us). He is undoubtedly the most unique member of our family! He is first and foremost creative, which is why he's such a talented artist and has such an unusual sense of humor. However, his dislike for "coloring within the lines" combined with my passionate love for following the rules resulted in many a memorable fight between the two of us growing up... and as adults, if we're being honest.

Like me, he is also very direct, which means he will call a spade a spade, even if it means hurting that spade's feelings :) We jokingly called him "Eddie Haskell" growing up because despite his wild ways, he has always been able to turn on the charm when needed.

I have always been impressed with how adventurous Andrew is- he has lived and traveled all over the U.S. and loves to be outdoors. There is nothing boring about him, and I appreciate his unwillingness to settle for the ordinary (though I love the ordinary so!).

He's a bachelor and currently lives on his own in Utah, where he's an artist by profession and outdoors-man the rest of the time.

Allison is probably the sibling you've read the least about on this blog... ha! For those of you that may be reading for the first time, she is my identical twin and came into the world a whopping one minute before I did. I have never known life without her, which is why you'll frequently find me refer to childhood memories using "we" instead of "I."

My favorite hobby growing up was bossing Allison around, and although she put up a few good fights (about important things, like clothes and participating in my phone calls), she usually let me do it. Don't be deceived, though- she, too, was/is headstrong, determined, and persistent... just a little more fragile and easily breakable than I was.

Nowadays, we seem to take turns being the follower and the leader, depending on which one of us is the more experienced about the topic. But thankfully, now when we don't see eye to eye, there isn't typically hair-pulling and name-calling involved... because now we've matured to passive-aggressive text messages. 

Allison is the definition of 'type A,' and sometimes makes even me feel disorganized, which is pretty impressive. I like to think her zero tolerance approach to disorder helps motivate me to push myself when I'm tempted to give into the stereotypical working mom tendency to procrastinate or be lazy. 

As if you didn't know, she and her husband, Wade, live less than a mile away from us with their two kiddos (Davis - 4, Avery - 1). Like Elizabeth, she is a stay-at-home mom by day and spends her evenings convincing me to get out of the house more.

The sibs and me in 2010 [Elizabeth, Andrew, Allison, me]

Although I don't think I could sanely handle 4 kids myself, I really did love being part of a big family and can't help but feel privileged to call this crazy bunch my flesh and blood!


the blogivers said...

Let's be honest: I love this post because it is about me (not entirely, but at least partially). But for realz, good recap of all the personalities our fun little bunch has! I love my sissies and brosef!

Brandi said...

"stereotypical working mom tendency to procrastinate or be lazy." This is a stereotype?!?!? I prefer "working mom's tendency not to go crazy".

Emily said...

"passive aggressive text messages" = hahahahaha. Love it. I love your family. I realize reading it, I consider your family a "big" family even though you have only 1 sibling than I do.

Aubrey said...

You guys have an adorable fam and it makes me like the idea of four kids - maybe - ha! :)

Brittany said...

Great post!! :) I love how different you all are!

Brittnie said...

I'm the third of four kids and I agree. . . While growing up had its ups and downs it is sure fun now to have lots of siblings!

Natasha said...

Your siblings sound like a fun group of people. I liked hearing more about your brother and your older (oldest) sister.