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Monday, August 10, 2015

Non-people pictures

Considering 99% of the pictures I take are of Colby and Clara, I was surprised when I was scrolling through my phone yesterday and found so many pictures saved of inanimate objects rather than the children. They each have a story to tell, of course, so allow me to share:

I made these French toast muffins for Brian for our anniversary, and given that it was our 8th, I thought it was fitting that the recipe made 8 of them. I also thought it was fitting that there was a good tablespoon or two of the cinnamon sugar topping leftover, which I promptly ate.

Speaking of our anniversary, Brian surprised me at work with these pretty flowers AND a cupcake from Gigi's. Bonus points for the fact that the flavor he picked was "wedding cake."

And still speaking of our anniversary, we had dinner at Churrascos, and in case you haven't been there, you need to visit if for no other reason than to stuff your face with these plantain chips. Similar concept to tortilla chips, but you don't feel as guilty because they come from a fruit, so they're basically health food, right?

Did I mention it was our anniversary? Apparently Brian has been paying attention to the blog, because look what I got!

I was shopping at HEB on Friday and an employee stocking the shelves randomly suggested that I try this popcorn. I was hesitant because (a) IT WASN'T ON MY LIST and (b) I didn't know how much of a kick it would have to it, so he suggested that I try a bag "on the house." So he filled out a card and they comped it for me at checkout- has this ever happened to anyone before? I almost felt famous. We are saving it as a car snack for our road trip this week, so stay tuned for feedback.

I always dreamed of decorating my house with a construction theme, and I'm so thankful Colby has assisted in making this dream come true.

And one more "you know you're a boy mom when..." picture that I had to share. Apparently dinosaurs like watermelon (pronounced "bow-malon"), too.

We got new rugs for the entryway, but more importantly, decided to take down the baby gate! It really opens up the space, so hopefully we won't regret our decision. I'm honestly more concerned about the dogs marking their territory in the playroom than I am about not being able to contain the kids.

And this one is cheating since the kids' heads make a cameo, but just focus on what's on the computer: C-3PO. Brian has introduced them to "Star Wars," which means we now hear repeated requests to watch "wookie," "storm troopers," "Chewbacca," and "Vader." [Insert audible sigh.]

And guess what: thanks to my interpretation of this week's writing challenge, my next post will also be void of pictures of the children. Overcoming mommy blogger stereotypes, one post at a time...


the blogivers said...

I am boycotting your blog until you bring pictures of the kids back!

Ok, the boycott didn't last long, I'm back.

Tell Brian to keep the Star Wars away when my kids around so the nerdiness doesn't rub off on them. Also, I look forward to you sharing the popcorn with us! You can throw it through the window to us as we are driving down the road.

Brittnie said...

I'm excited about the popcorn review. We bought a Hatch rotisserie chicken last week and it did not disappoint (not overly spicy at all). Have a good week!

Beth said...

Richard loves the green chili hatch central market brand chips that I buy at HEB... so I'm curious about the popcorn. I am very impressed at your star treatment!!

Erika said...

I am super impressed that a bag of potentially delicious popcorn will last an entire week uneaten in your house. You guys must have WAY more self-control than we do. Also, those French toast muffins look amazing. Please make them next time I come visit (but also get some kolaches to have on the side. I like to diversify my carbs.).

Emily said...

Food pictures are my second favorite thing to photograph ever! My mom has made those french toast muffins for a while but we call them Amish muffins because of some long story that I can't remember. But the point is that they are very good.
I want Adam to send me a cupcake for our anniversary! I'm totally dropping this as a hint next year.
And you BETTER post about jalapeno popcorn. Spicy snacks are so hit or miss, in my opinion. Sometimes they are just dusted with spice and sometimes they actually taste good.

Brittany said...

So sweet that Brian got you the earrings!! They are so pretty! I've been on a major popcorn kick lately, so I'll have to try that next! Yummy! :)

Natasha said...

I got sidetracked by the French Toast muffins, which look amazing, and the gorgeousness of the flowers Brian sent you!