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Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday morning thriller

Apparently after writing last week's post, my brain is stuck in "boring" content mode, so all I can commit to providing to you is another unexciting post. Forgive me.

- Brian had some yard work to do this weekend and for the second time in our marriage, I helped! At one point, I asked him if he was surprised that I was helping, and he said, "Surprised? No... but I'm thankful that you are." And I responded with, "Really? Because even I'm surprised that I'm helping."

Our neighbor's adult son drove up while we were outside working and made some comment about how we chose the hottest time of the day to be out there. And for a brief moment I forgot that not everyone's lives were controlled by nap time.

[This post is so boring that I don't even have pictures of the end product. Just imagine mulch and some bushes. Breathtaking, no?]

- Brian got his hair cut on Friday afternoon and we took the twins along to watch. Colby, President of the "Haircuts Are Of the Devil" Club, had this look on his face the whole time:

"Mommy, you're not going to make me sit in that chair next, are you?"

You can imagine how relieved he was when we left without subjecting him to such torture. You can also imagine how relieved he was upon realizing it was pajama day at school that morning, thereby giving him a pass from having to get dressed in actual clothes, also considered a form of torture.

Meanwhile, the sister that has yet to receive a haircut smiled her way through the outing and ate her lollipop without a care in the world:

- While we were at it with parading our children around in public whilst still sporting their jammies, we hit up Kolache Factory with the cousins on Saturday morning, and it did not disappoint. Also, let the record show that we walked there, so none of the calories consumed even counted! Nevermind the fact that it's less than a mile roundtrip. 

- And lastly, two more gratuitous pictures of my children, because (a) it's my blog and (b) they're pretty cute little punkins:

He looks bored, but was actually quite focused on ensuring proper animal placement on the farm.

 Because everyone knows PB&J tastes better when you eat it under the kitchen table.


the blogivers said...

What a great picture of Davis from Kolache Factory, ha! But all the pics of your cute little punkins are pretty cute.

Emily said...

I'M impressed by your yard work contribution! I hate yard work more than any other household chore, and the only thing that has saved me thus far is living in a townhome community and letting the association pay someone to do it for me. Someday though. we'll do a house upgrade and then have a lawn with responsibility. Ughhh.

Erika said...

How flippantly you speak of being able to walk to obtain kolaches...YOU DON'T KNOW THE STRUGGLE.

Brittnie said...

Yes, walking anywhere basically burns off all the calories you consume regardless of distance or food choice. Just like the waves washed away my medium sized DQ blizzard, along with multiple go rounds of chips and dip that was consumed during my beach vacation.

Glad you had a nice weekend and way to go helping with the yard work. :)

Courtney Squillante said...

You're kids ARE super cute! And I'm impressed you helped with the yard. Blech.

Natasha said...

I want to see a yard work picture, preferably a "before" and "after"!!! (And right now, you're shocked at my request. Ha!)

And yes, any food you consume, where you walked to get it, doesn't count. My kids still go out in their pajamas sometimes, mostly when I don't have the energy to care. I love that picture of Colby playing -- cute!!!