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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lake Hamilton Trip

If you've already read Allison's recap of our double-family trip to Lake Hamilton/Hot Springs, Arkansas trip last week, then prepare yourself for some serious deja vu (minus some pictures of her fam and plus some of mine). I'll do my best to keep it brief:

Day 1: Miraculously, we drove the 7-hour trek to our destination with only ONE stop, and that stop was 5 hours into the trip. How did we accomplish this, you ask? Movies and snacks. Colby and Clara maintained their cool for most of the drive, but their unfortunate decision not to nap came back to haunt us for our first evening there. 

Nonetheless, we still forced squeezed in a couple of photo opps. We did not take any pictures at dinner, however, because I had lost my will to live at that point. Thankfully the tasty pizza made up for all of the meltdowns (mine included).

There is no sense of relief quite like that of putting your toddlers down to bed at night. Having a pretty sunset to watch doesn't hurt either.

Day 2: Exploring the house + a trip to the children's/science museum + Mexican food; the temperatures were in the 90+ range, but the humidity was so low that I legitimately did not sweat. An August miracle (and one that will never occur in Houston)!

Let's pretend they were leaning on each other lovingly rather than fighting over pressing that button.

I love this pic primarily because it showcases just how clingy my little shadow can be!

Homeboy was downing that salsa like it was going out of style. Even the waitress was impressed!

Day 3: We're on a boat! We spent the first half of the day on the lake tubing, swimming, snacking, and generally not having to try that hard to entertain our children. I'll be honest: it was pretty magical. After naps, we ate dinner out, complete with purple ice cream and yep, you guessed it, more excuses to take pictures!

My arms are still sore...

Don't have too much fun there, Colby!

Definitely a 2015 Christmas card pic contender...

Day 4: Frolicking around some gardens + swimming + dinner/s'mores; I think it's safe to say we had mastered living by the lake at this point.

I'm not kidding when I say that Colby's favorite memory of the trip would probably be throwing rocks in the lake!

I spy the hired help in the background!

(This house was legit, by the way. Updated, clean, kid-friendly, and a great view- VRBO for the win!)

Not sure which I want to eat up more: that s'more or that little boy!

One of these things is not [pasty] like the others...

Ah, this is the life.

Had to capture the final sunset before our departure the next morning!

Day 5: I was once again really impressed with how well the twins did in the car. I'm also pretty sure I've memorized most of the words to "Finding Nemo," "Frozen," and "Monsters, Inc." thanks to this trip. We made it home with just one stop for lunch, but because no road trip with small children is complete without this happening, Colby got car sick and tossed his cookies (technically, his french fries) when we were 20 minutes away from being home.

Thankfully, even though we ended on a slightly sour note, the trip was still a big hit and we were sad to see it end. We're looking forward to many more family trips with the Olivers in the years to come... where to next, sis?

(Honorable mention to some memorable moments that were not photographed: several hilarious and inappropriate rounds of Cards Against Humanity with the adults, at least 700 timeouts for my children compared to maybe 2 for the Olivers' kids, and stealing Allison's phone/camera to take selfies every time she left the room.)


Brittany said...

What a fun trip!!! My favorite picture is the four kids driving the boat - too cute!

Emily said...

HOW HOW HOW did you make it 5 hours without stopping?!?!?! Do you have a portable DVD player or built-in headrest DVDs?

the blogivers said...

You saw all of my pics before they were posted, but I hadn't seen all of yours, so I'm glad I didn't just ignore this post like I was obviously going to...

Brittnie said...

I can't believe you drove seven hours with only one stop!! Insanity!! :)

I love the pic of Avery's tan self next to the twins. . . they are all so cute! And the pic of Colby with the smore. . . adorable!

Looks like a super fun vacation!!

Erika said...

So now I'm thinking I should move to a lakefront house. Seems like the way to go. Also, the Olivers should really stop letting Avery go to the tanning bed. So tacky...

Aubrey said...

I love the pics of the kids on the boat!!

Natasha said...

The relief of having your children in bed doesn't end. At least, not that I've discovered thus far. And ah yes, lake living -- if only we could do it all the time. I love the water.

And you captured some gorgeous sunsets.