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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

5 things from my bucket list (Week 8)

So I'm supposed to write about 5 things from my bucket list this week, but because creating my "25 before 32" list was already a stretch, I decided just to limit this to 5 bucket list travel destinations. 

1. Hawaii
I have actually been to Hawaii before- Allison and I went to Honolulu with our parents when we were 16- but Brian has never been and we've always wanted to go together. 

Allison and me in 1999... can you guess which twin is which? 

2. Alaskan Cruise
I've actually never been on a cruise before, and to be honest, the whole concept isn't all that appealing to me. I'm not a big boat person and not being able to go out and explore (or shop) at my leisure seems like it would make me antsy. But I could definitely get on board with this (pun intended):

3. Ireland
I'm going to be honest: this is on the list in no small part thanks to movies chick flicks like "P.S. I Love You" and "Leap Year." And let's not forget the musical, "Once." I also learned that there's a town in Ireland called "Clara," so clearly we need to see it.

4. Italy
We talked about going there on our honeymoon and then remembered that we had zero money. I'd still love to go one day, and even more so after my parents' recent trip that produced pictures like these:
This would be my mom in Venice, unintentionally matching the gondolier

5. Greece
Am I the only one that thinks of "Mamma Mia!" when I think of Greece? Regardless, it looks beautiful. And this is one more area that I would consider seeing via a cruise ship.

Now accepting donations to anyone interested in sponsoring any and all of the above! ;)


Shannon said...

those places all seem like a great idea! if you ever go to clara, ireland, you should stop in shannon!

Emily said...

OoOoOoh, I love traveling places! I have zero desire to go to Hawaii, for no other reason than the long flight, but I could get on board with all the others!

Brittnie said...

I could stand to go to any and all of these!! I have been on a cruise twice and surprisingly enjoyed it! I like that everything is taken care of while on board, so basically all I have to do is get on the ship and then be lazy. :)

Erika said...

I'll be happy to join you in knocking these off your bucket list!! We've been on two cruises, and I get too seasick to be interested in them much anymore (at least to the Caribbean, which I've discovered you can enjoy even MORE from a landlubbing resort), I would still go on one to Alaska. I just think there are SO many different places to go and see in Alaska and I'd never figure out what all to do without going into the different ports. Also, it's not likely I'm going to DRIVE all across Alaska. Alaska cruise sounds amazing.

Allena said...

I actually HAVE been on a cruise AND to Alaska (but on separate trips)! The top of my travel list is the UK - I have always wanted to see London but after reading all the Outlander books, I am dying to see Scotland!

Terrie said...

You can actually shop on a cruise ship and explore quite a bit too. I love cruises!

Aubrey said...

Haha! I totally think of Mamma Mia when I think of Greece (and also of my husband who is Greek, ha!)!