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Thursday, July 9, 2015

My day in detail (Week 3)

I wanted to really thrill you all with this week's writing challenge (documenting my day in detail), so it only makes sense that I chose to document a random Tuesday during a work week, right? Hold onto your boot straps because this is going to be a wild and crazy ride:

5:14 am - Woke up (no snooze button-pushing allowed!), put on workout clothes, and tiptoed out of the house so that the dogs wouldn't hear me leaving and try to tag along

5:20-5:45 am - Ran/walked the loop around my neighborhood; to answer your questions:
   1. Yes, I'm crazy.
   2. Yes, it's still dark outside, so in an effort to be extra vigilant, I don't wear headphones.
   3. Yes, I do have to dodge the newspapers that the paperboy man is tossing haphazardly into people's driveways at that ungodly hour of the morning.

5:45-6:10 am - Showered, put on makeup, and pulled my hair back into a wet (but still presentable) ponytail
- Interesting (?) fact: On Mondays, I wear my hair down/straight. On Tuesdays/Thursdays, I wear it in a ponytail. On Wednesdays, I wear it down/curly. On Fridays, it depends on what I have going on for the day. Lather, rinse, repeat... literally.

6:10-6:25 am - Prepped the twins' water bottles and morning snack (Cheerios); prepped my own snacks for the day (see below) and ate breakfast (Kellogg's Smart Start) while checking e-mail/facebook/blogs

6:25-6:35 am - Got dressed while Brian loaded all of our stuff into the car

6:35-6:45 am - Woke the twinkies up and got them dressed; while one of my favorite parts of the day is getting to wake them up, it's also one of my least favorite because they are not usually super pumped about being woken up so early- can't blame them!

6:45-6:55 am - Watched Sesame Street (and finished perusing facebook) while the twins adjusted to being awake and ate their Cheerios 

6:55-7:15 am - Packed up the twins, commuted the grueling 2+ miles to daycare, and dropped them off, with only minimal protesting, thankfully!

7:15 am - Brian dropped me off at work across the street... and here's where it's about to get really exciting...

7:15 am - 12 pm - You guessed it- I worked! I'm a Recruitment Supervisor for an offshore drilling contractor, so I spend my days dealing with Human Resources issues and, well, supervising people. 

I did make sure to document my morning snack break at 9:30 am, for which I ate pita chips and a cheese string (...which is the same snack I eat every Tuesday morning).

12-1 pm - Most days, I eat lunch in the break room at work, but on this particular day, I had plans to go out with two of my co-workers. We went to Whole Foods and all 3 ended up getting the chicken salad snack box. I'll let you guess which one of us was the only one to finish the whole thing (and then follow it up with an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie). 

(I forgot to take a picture of my actual meal, but I promise this is what it looked like.)

1-5:30 pm - More working! Forgive me for not providing more details, but just imagine corporate America and you have a basic idea of what my days are like. 

And because I apparently only document food, here's a look at my 2:30 pm snack break - a chocolate almond & sea salt Kashi bar (...which is the same snack I eat every afternoon, unless I'm on a peanut butter & dark chocolate Kind bar kick).

And I'm also going to share a pic of the snacks my co-worker brought to our 4:30 pm meeting! Because MyFitnessPal and I are actually on speaking terms at the moment (and because of that cookie at lunch), I only ate 13 peanut M&Ms and considered that a huge victory, especially at 4:30 in the afternoon when I'm typically already daydreaming about dinner.

5:30-5:35 pm - Brian picked me up and we headed to daycare to pick up the twins. This really and truly is my favorite part of the day because they are typically pretty excited to see us. On this particular day, Clara had only taken a 30-minute nap and was apparently being pretty needy, so she didn't run over to us like she normally does, but Colby most definitely did:

5:35-5:50 pm - We drove home and "chatted" with the twins. Highlights included Colby announcing all of the moving vehicles that passed by as usual and Clara requesting that I hold her hand.

5:50-6:10 pm - I heated up dinner while Brian played with the twins outside. Colby insisted that we eat on the back porch, and the weather was decent enough for us to oblige. The twins normally eat whatever we have, but since we didn't want to prep a meal for the week when we got back into town on Sunday, we opted for frozen leftover baked ziti for us and turkey hot dogs for them.

6:10-6:40 pm - We played in the backyard and on the driveway until it started to rain. At this point, Clara willingly came inside while Colby, whose life was clearly ruined, had one of his more memorable meltdowns to date.

6:40-7 pm - Bath and bedtime for C&C, my other favorite part of the day! We were relieved that Colby regained composure after the bath and that they both sat still for a book (Giraffes Can't Dance).  After prayers, singing, extensive negotiations about what they were allowed to take to bed with them, and kisses, we tucked them in and said goodnight.

7-7:30 pm - We cleaned up from dinner, prepped their breakfast for the next day, and got a few things done around the house. 

7:30-9 pm - I intermittently played on the computer, mindlessly watched whatever reality weight loss show was on TV (RIP, Parenthood), sewed a button on a pair of pants, g-chatted with Allison about our upcoming trip to Arkansas, and walked laps around the house during commercial breaks to work my way toward 10,000 steps for the day.

9 pm - We checked on the twins; we do this every night to cover them with their blankies and sometimes remove the above-mentioned objects that they insist on taking to bed with them. 

9-9:44 pm - I took a bath, got ready for bed, and spent a few minutes showing Brian pictures of the twins on my phone, which I do most nights, because I'm a mom, and that's just what we do. 

And with that, my friends, my day was done!


Emily said...

I was so excited for this post because I'm a nerd like that.
First of all, I am MAJORLY impressed with your early morning productivity. I haven't run in the mornings since pre-pregnancy because me and my snooze button have developed a special relationship. I also LOL'ed at your hair schedule; I've never heard of someone with that sort of regimented hair styling! And lastly, I thoroughly appreciated the snack documentation; because I would have done the same had I done a day-in-detail on a workday. :)

the blogivers said...

Not that I have any room to talk with all of my OCD habits, but you really may be one of the only people on earth who has a hair schedule like that... ditto for your snack schedule. Though I suppose it's better than just eating the same snack every day, like I do. Also, these pics are further confirmation that Clara's hair has gotten darker!

Natasha said...

I love that you have a hair and snack schedule. And you are so healthy with what you eat!

Also, with the little time you get to spend with the twins during the week, I can totally understand how the tantrum throwing and other "wonderful" toddler behaviour is even more pleasant.

You have a FitBit! I just got one on Saturday and am LOVING it!

Brittany said...

I love posts like this!

Brittnie said...

Fun to read about your day! And like others have mentioned, I love that you have a hair/snack schedule! I also loved seeing Colby run to you at the end of the day!

I would love to do a day in the life post but currently it would read something like this. . .

6:30am Manage Camille's tantrum
7:30am Manage Camille's tantrum
8:30am Manage Camille's tantrum

So as you can imagine, that would be a really special & uplifting post. :)

kayla Agan said...

I think I would need a separate planner to keep up with what snacks I was supposed to be eating and what hair style I was on! So do you have a different snack each day of the week?? So funny!