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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Little trooper

I wasn't initially planning to do a recap post of Colby's ear tube/adenoidectomy (thrilling though the topic may be!), but then I realized it might be helpful for someone else to read as a reference in the future, and I already blog about most every other detail of our life, so why not?

Once Allison arrived on Monday morning to be on Clara-sitting duty, we woke Colby up at 5:30 in order to make it to the surgery center by 6. He was pretty tired and confused (spoiler alert: theme of the day!), so he was pretty quiet and mellow for the car ride.

From 6-7:45 am, we met with a few different nurses, the anesthesiologist, and finally, the doctor. Even though it was not pleasant to start the day that early, I'm glad we were scheduled to go first thing in the morning, because even that early, the doctor was already running late! Colby busied himself playing with toys, exploring the pre-op room, and enjoying not having to share our attention for a change. I was so relieved that he didn't request anything to eat or drink- potentially having to deal with a hangry/thirsty toddler was my biggest concern about the whole ordeal.

They took him back at 7:50 and although he cried and reached out his arms with a look of betrayal, it wasn't as traumatic as I had anticipated. We headed to the waiting room and by 8:20, they were calling us back to come get him. He woke up a minute or two after we got back there and was, once again, tired and confused. A few sips of apple juice and a lollipop later, we were discharged and heading home.

They warned us that he would be moody for the rest of the day, and indeed he was. He was intermittently playing happily and then just as quickly in a pit of despair about some very significant event like accidentally dropping his toy car or Clara taking one of his dinosaurs. I was also not prepared for how much he would be drooling?! Google tells me this is normal, but I honestly felt like he needed to be wearing a bib all day.

The only other unpleasant part of the day for him was having to take his medicine before bed (nose spray, ear drops, and an antibiotic would annoy me, too). He napped well and slept well, and by Tuesday morning, he was back to normal- dare I say, even perkier than normal?

How did Clara handle the whole thing, you ask? She made up for any lack of energy Colby had by being extra rambunctious and inconveniently needy (ie: insisting on being held the moment I asked Colby if he wanted to be held). The doctor mentioned that we should avoid loud noises since Colby's newly cleared out ears would be somewhat sensitive to sound, but apparently Clara didn't get that memo and shrieked directly into his ears more times than I could count (thankfully he didn't seem phased).

She did, however, appreciate the extra one-on-one time with Allison, and also benefitted from the sweet "get well" gifts that were sent Colby's way. And the fact that she got a bonus day off from daycare probably didn't upset her too much, either!

Edible Arrangement from Aunt Shannon, art from Avery & Davis, and dinosaurs from Mimi and Granddaddy

So with that, our little man is on the mend and we're hopeful that healthier days are ahead for him. And on that note, my heart goes out to those of you that have to deal with ongoing health issues for your children because even from this very, very minor procedure, I gained a new sense of empathy for parents that have to constantly deal with insurance, appointments, meds, etc. I hope you all feel like super heroes, because you are!


Brittnie said...

So glad it went well and that he is back to his happy little self!

the blogivers said...

I was thinking on Monday about how I could relate to Clara courtesy of the time I knocked your front teeth out - the twin sibling obvi deserves attention and gifts, too (even if they didn't have to endure any pain to get it)! Glad the procedure went so smoothly for the little guy!

Emily said...

Yay, I'm so glad you posted a recap. I needed to hear a happy recovery story! Aaron also hated the ear drops, and we still have to give them every time we go in the pool or lake (which is like, all of summer), but he's gotten significantly better at them. The first few times though, man, it took two to hold him down. Those things sting!

Brittany said...

I love his little dinosaur pajamas! So glad it's behind you/him now!

Aubrey said...

So glad that Colby's procedure went well! He's so adorable!!

Natasha said...

I'm so glad to hear it all went well. Way to go Colby!!!