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Monday, July 13, 2015


Just a few things that brought us even more than the typical amount of non-weekday joy this weekend:

1. Trying out a nearby toddler pool with friends:

At least Colby and the turtle were excited about it?

How's this for misleading: the adult female in the top left is me, about to push Avery down the slide, whereas the adult male in the top right is Wade, about to push Colby and Clara down the slide- we're just one big happy confusing family!

Someone thought he was way too much of a big boy to wear his puddle jumper

Even though I don't have pictures as proof, I assure you that the Blackburns were also there- we are so thankful they invited us along because this pool was a big hit (...until we had to evacuate due to a poop sighting)!

2. Watching seasonally inappropriate YouTube videos:

Colby rediscovered this Christmas video and this Halloween video, both of which we watched no less than a dozen times throughout the weekend.

3. Clara's new (fake) jewelry:
Check out those sweet clip-on earrings! And I don't know why, but her expression here reminds me of the Target Lady from SNL.

And here she is about 30 minutes later when she realized I had snuck out of the house to go to a dinner with some small group friends. I just can't handle the combo of the pouty lip + the earrings- she's too much!

4. Hanging out with cousins/aunts/uncle/grandparents:

This photo opp was used as a distraction while Mommy and Aunt Peekie were sneaking out of the house on Saturday night... any of you other moms have to use ninja tactics to escape the house?

We ended the weekend yesterday with some quality time + dinner with Brian's family- Shannon caught this cute pic of them holding hands and running (away from the adults)

5. This new jam from Shawn Mendes:

I realize I basically have the same taste in music as a 12-year-old, and I'm ok with that.

6. Potty training:

HA HA HA JK, we are not going to do that until they're at least 7. But practicing still makes for some cute pictures, no?


the blogivers said...

Was just scrolling through the pictures and in the one where C & C are eating lunch at the pool, Davis is in the background and it looks like he just had a big accident in his chair. Anyway, fun weekend and lots of cute photo opps!

Emily said...

I am insanely jealous of this pool with the slides!
Also, got to the potty training and was like: "Whaaatttt?" LOL. Cute pictures!

Brittnie said...

I love Clara's play jewelry! We actually just bought Camille a little purse that has some high heels and clip on earrings to go along with it. . . cannot wait to try it with her (until she has a meltdown and throws high heels clear across the living room)!! The pool was a hit indeed and yes - let's go again soon!

Nelson Bartley said...

I'm a big fan of waiting until they are 3 ½ (or older) to potty train because by then they totally understand what they are supposed to do, they can actually do it and -o yea- I'm really lazy.

Brittany Gaspard said...

I love that you're "training" them to eat while on the potty! Haha :)

Brittany said...

Those pool slides look so fun and I LOVE the picture of Clara on FaceTime. She looks 15!

Natasha said...

Is it bad that I want Clara's black and white dress? It's so cute! And with how she's accessorized it, it's just so on point :)