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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

FitBit confessions

Thanks for the well wishes yesterday! Colby's procedure went well and recovery has been pretty smooth. I'll put together a recap of the experience, but in the meantime, enjoy this completely unrelated post:

I know I'm not alone in this, but I'm fairly certain that I'm addicted to my FitBit. And I'm pretty sure that one of the steps toward recovery is to confess my wrongdoings, so allow me to share with you my confessions:

1. I walk in place or do laps around the house while watching TV at night if I haven't yet reached my 10,000 steps. I've even jogged in place at the side of the bed before actually getting into bed just to achieve the goal.

2. When I get out of the shower, I won't even walk to my dresser before putting my FitBit back on, lest I don't get credit for those 6 steps.

3. When I'm pushing the cart at the grocery store, I do it one-handed so that my FitBit arm is free to swing back and forth.

4. I do the same thing when pushing the stroller, but that's only if Brian isn't with me, in which case I make politely ask to him push it so I can still get credit for my steps (and yes, I realize this is absurd because pushing the 60+ pounds of baby/stroller while walking is probably a better workout than just swinging my arms while walking).

5. If one of the twins is holding my hand while we walk, I will switch sides to make sure they're holding my non-FitBit hand (... so I can still swing my arm, in case you're missing the trend here). The same goes for Brian if we're holding hands!

6. Not that I get to go very often, but the pool is my nemesis because of all of those wasted, un-waterproof steps.

7. This is very sad, but I was so proud of the the ONE TIME I was beating Allison on the 7-day step total that I took a screenshot of our rankings and saved it for future reference:

It was actually on our birthday, and her battery died just after I snapped this screenshot, which sent her into a mild panic attack ;)

Any of you other step-trackers have similar confessions that you're anxious to get off your chest?


Emily said...

This is hilarious. I want to get myself a fitbit but - like so many electronics - I'm afraid once I do, it'll phase out and then I'll have yet another electronic device sitting around my house that's not used.

sschnitzler said...

I put mine on before I get out of bed. Last night I ran in place at my son's bedside while he tracked my last 700 steps! He held me accountable!

Allena said...

I think being 'obsessed' with getting to 10,000 steps each day is a pretty awesome obsession. I probably need something like that to help keep me accountable.

the blogivers said...

No, my battery died BEFORE you snapped the screenshot! I didn't get any credit for the steps we took on our birthday after like 3:00pm... so lame! Anyway, I can obviously relate to all of these points, and it's all your fault.

Brittany said...

I'm thinking after baby #3 arrives I'm going to hop on the FitBit bandwagon! Also, grocery store or stroller walking should totally count, so I would do the same thing!!

Erika said...

Oh man, I (usually, except for the past 2 weeks of sickness) do the frantic laps around the house/jog in place thing, too! I feel so incredibly successful if I ever actually get all 10k "legitimately," and don't have to cram the last 1k in at 10:00! I must say, though, the bracelet Fitbit sounds like way more of a hassle than my Fitbit One!! I just clip it in my bra and I guess it uses voodoo magic or something to calculate steps, no arm-swinging all my stroller and grocery cart pushing is mindlessly accounted for!

Natasha said...

Get the One next time. I love making Dave push the Chariot (after I've legitimately pushed all over town during the day) on our evening walks but then he doesn't get his steps counted (stupid Flex). I love my One because all that Chariot/grocery cart pushing is accounted for.

And I've been so tired this past week due to trying to cram so much information into my (already) overloaded brain that I've been failing to hit my 10,000 goal. The tiredness relates to the fact that I don't do laps around our house (or go for a short walk) to get my last 1,000 (or honestly, on some days, 4,000) steps in.

My confession is that Dave and I are so addicted to ours that, after both kids are in bed, and only one of us can leave the house, we sometimes fight over who gets the privilege of doing a walk to the grocery store (for not always a legitimate item) to get more steps. Sometimes we're out of milk (legit item) and sometimes we're out of food waste bags (not legit item)!