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Friday, July 17, 2015

25 things to do before my birthday (Week 4)

This week's writing challenge topic is to list 25 things I'd like to do before my next birthday. The emphasis is more on "I'd like" than "to do," because as I've mentioned before about new year's resolutions, I don't love to come up with lists like these... because even though I know in my head that this list is arbitrary, I know I'll still put undue pressure on myself to complete everything on it!

So with that said, while your encouragement is certainly welcome, I hope you won't hold me 100% accountable to actually do all of these things.

1. Have formal family pictures taken by a paid photographer.

2. Go to a Girls' Night Out movie (still haven't checked this one off the new year's non-resolution list, but the September, October, and November options look promising!).

3. Take a child-free vacation with Brian (plans currently pending for a trip to Charleston in the Fall!).

4. Run in a 5K.

5. Get a basic physical (also still not checked off my non-resolution list).

6. Do a blog giveaway.

7. Host (or co-host) a "favorite things" party (my friend, Kristen, did this a couple of years ago and it was really fun!).

8. Take a day off of work for myself (... and try to resist the pressure to spend the whole day being productive).

9. Potty train the twins (I don't so much want to do this as I feel obligated to do this.).

10. Buy a meal for a stranger (or group of strangers) at a restaurant.

11. Sleep in. Just once.

12. Take a trip back to College Station.

13. Eat a meal from a food truck.

14. Take a girls' trip (even if it's just with Allison).

15. Take a class at Painting with a Twist.

16. Try out Stitch Fix (I really, really want to, but I am also really, really frugal, so I'm having a hard time committing!)

17. Try a new restaurant.

18. Go to Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo.

19. Have my makeup done by a professional.

20. Take a solo outing with Colby.

21. Take a solo outing with Clara.

22. Read one non-fiction book. (Suggestions?)

24. See Taylor Swift in concert. (Oh, wow, what a coincidence - Allison and I have tickets to go see her in October, thanks to our thoughtful husbands!)

25. Become informed about/select a presidential candidate to support. (Yep, saved the most boring one for last.)

So there you have it... let's see what I can accomplish before the big 3-3!


Natasha said...

This is a GREAT list Amanda! Now I want to turn my tea party into a favourite things party. That sounds really fun!

Also, I have a few suggestions for non-fiction books but what genres do you like? One of my most recent reads was "The Nurses" by Alexandra Robbins. It followed four nurses, in The States, for a year and was really interesting. I also really like "A Year Of Biblical Womanhood" by Rachel Held Evans.

And if Stitch Fix shipped to Canada I would totally try it out. I'm soooo intrigued by the idea. Of course then I'd have to figure out "my style." Gah.

And yes, I'm already feeling the pressure to complete my list, even though, as you mentioned, it's pretty arbitrary.

the blogivers said...

Good list! I will be happy to help you with 2, 4, 7, 8, 12-15, 17-19, 23, and 24. Also, since I don't have the funds to do Stitch Fix myself, I will encourage you to do it and then I will come steal your things while you're at work.

Emily said...

I've heard about those "favorite things" parties and they sound SO FUN. Maybe someone's favorite thing could be bringing the babysitter? :)
I should have put the Painting one on my list because it looks sooooo fun and they appear to be everywhere but I've never pursued it.
And now Mom's Night Out is on my Netflix. :)

Alicia Perryman said...

I love Stitch Fix! I just received my 3rd fix and it is really fun! You should definitely try it & you can send everything back if you don't like it & you can put in a price range for your items so it can fit in your budget!
There is a 5k zombie run in Sugar Land in November! I want to do one as well & have been a frequent 5am runner like you! It is my only alone time!

Erika said...

Excellent list, although your goal of reading just ONE non-fiction book kind of makes my bookworm heart cry. :) Yay for a trip to Charleston, though! In some ways, I think "oh, that's close to me!!"...and then I remember that it really isn't. Like, 5-6 hours close. Wah.

Erika said...

BAHAHAHA and now I just realized that non-fiction means NON-fiction, and I'm way less sad. I would probably have to make it a goal to read any of those in a year, too. :) (But I've already done it TWICE this year because of my book club, so maybe you should just join one of those!!) And I would recommend either of the books I read, too- Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand) and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (Rebecca Skloot).

Brittnie said...

Fun list! I am also super intrigued by Stitch Fix, but like you said, the whole frugal thing wins me over every time I even consider the idea. Maybe one day!