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Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend of reviews

As opposed to a weekend in review, I shall call this a weekend of review(s), because I am here to share with you some promised product reviews as well as some event feedback from the littlest members of our household. 

1. The hair dryer. Here is my professional review: it's heavier than my old hair dryer but a lot more powerful. Sort of felt like sticking my head in a wind tunnel, but not in a bad way. I'm pretty sure it takes less time to dry my hair than my old dryer did as well, so I hereby provide my stamp of approval.

2. The Jurassic Smash blizzard. Brian lovingly fetched one for me on Friday night and it did not disappoint (though the customer service at the Missouri City DQ did, in fact, disappoint!). I will say that I wasn't expecting caramel and I definitely did taste caramel in it, but I'm 100% ok with that. So I hereby provide my stamp of approval on this product as well.

3. The River Park Splash Pad. (Try not to be too overwhelmed by the flashiness of the website... it's pretty modern and fancy.) We decided to check this out on Saturday morning with the Olivers and I was surprised how long it took the twins to warm up to the idea! 

Water + the ability to roam freely = what's not to love? But it surprisingly took a lot of persuading to convince Colby the splash pad was more exciting than the neighboring playground... and to convince Clara that the water would not hurt her (believe it or not, our little princess can be a bit of a scaredy cat). 

Once they figured out that it wasn't the most terrible place to hang out, they had a good time, but Clara remained much more cautious than Colby. Ultimately, I'd say they provided their stamps of approval on this one as well.

Is she beaming with enthusiasm or what??

All I'm saying is that I'm thankful no one takes pictures of me running in a bathing suit :)

I think it's safe to say he's now a splash pad believer, no?

Good thing these two needy little girls have basically two mommies at their beck and call


4. Clara's first (very unprofessional) pedicure. She was excited about it in theory, but as soon as we tried to get her to sit still and actually have polish put on, she wanted nothing to do with it. Once she watched Avery go through with it (unimpressed but at least without protesting), she agreed to participate, but as you can see, she wasn't necessarily thrilled about the whole thing:

That would be me painting her nails while she sits on Allison's lap... and yes, we're both wearing the same shirt. Confused yet?

So as far as her review goes, I think it's safe to say she's still undecided. Colby, however, cannot provide input on this event, because as you can see, he was quite busy with his "ah-muls":

So there you have it: the Joiners have spoken and I'd say endorsing 3 out of 4 ain't bad! 


the blogivers said...

I can't believe you didn't tell me in person about your hair dryer, jerk. I will need continued reviews of it to see if it does anything to get rid of frizz. And thanks again for suggesting the splash pad and pedis - our Saturday wouldn't have been as fun without them!

Brittnie said...

I plan to try the splash pad again soon with Camille so we will see how it goes! She hasn't been since last summer when all she could do was sit on her booty and let the water splash in her face. :) Love that pic of Colby and his animal friends! Cute boy!!

Emily said...

First of all, I love the updated blog look and new photo!

I am sorely disappointed that the Jurassic Park Smash Blizzard has caramel. Was it just a mix-in or is it caramel ice cream? If its just a mix-in, I'll definitely ask them to hold it. Ick!

I am forever jealous of the abundance of splash pads in the south. The only splash pads we have are at expensive waterparks that cost like $10,000 to take your family for the day (mild exaggeration).

Erika said...

I think I have that same hair dryer!! ANd I concur- super heavy, but very efficient. And I think I feel similarly to the kids about splash pads. Kind of skeeved out, mildly intrigued.

Natasha said...

My kids aren't a big fan of splash pads but we haven't been to one in about two years so thanks for the reminder to try them again this summer!

Brittany Gaspard said...

Where's the review on the Sonic Cheese Tots?!

Annie Gruetzmacher said...

I got that blizzard recently and loved it! And honestly, I thought of you! Hahah! Random favor/question though! I was wanting to do a 30 before 30 list and you and your sissy were my inspiration. I wanted to reference y'alls list and cannot find them anyways! Is there an easy link you can send me?! xoxo.