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Friday, June 19, 2015

The Guy Man

Now that you've had the chance to learn a little more about what life is like with Clara, it's only fair that I share with you the inner workings of her counterpart. In the early days, we began referring to Colby as "Colby Guy," which has evolved and since taken on a number of variations, but most often these days he is simply known as the "Guy Man."

Colby is, in my opinion, a wonderful (and sometimes dangerous) combination of Brian and me. He is generally pretty laid back (like his daddy), but he is also very opinionated and not afraid to voice his opinions (like his mommy).

Unlike Clara, if Colby gets upset, it is not all that complicated to figure out what it is that set him off. He's a simple boy with simple needs, and as long as you ensure that those needs are met, he's likely to be pretty agreeable. If you fail to meet those needs OR if you just fail to meet those needs in accordance with his expectations, then once again:

Clara may be the more dramatic of the two, but I would venture to say that Colby has the quicker temper. And while she is more likely to cry and have a meltdown when she's upset, he's more likely to get angry... and violent.

His usual target when he hulks out is, thankfully, whatever inanimate object is nearest by. Unfortunately, his other most frequent targets are (a) his sister and (b) his cousin, Avery. Beating up on his sister is understandable, but none of us are quite sure as to why he's picked poor Avery as his other preferred punching bag. Fortunately, she never gets too upset about it and we are usually able to catch him in the act and discipline him accordingly.

Because he's two, the two subjects that are most likely to provoke him are toys and food. He has become a major toy hoarder and once he grows attached to one (or five) toys, he wants to take them everywhere (dinner table, bed, bath, car, you name it), so he does not take kindly to having them taken away or being told that he can't take them somewhere. Same goes for food: he is generally a pretty good eater but if you try to give him something not on the approved list or refuse to comply with a specific request (I'm looking at you, hot dogs), well, let's just say he's not the type to protest peacefully.

I have noticed as well that he is much more impatient, grumpy, and likely to act out when he has an ear infection, which has been happening on and off for the last couple of months. He is on a third round of antibiotics at the moment, which we're hoping will do the trick, and if not, then it's likely that tubes are in his future, just like his Daddy had when he was little.

I know I spent most of Clara's post and now this one detailing some of their less desirable behavior, and I think that's in part because writing it down helps me to more fully analyze it, and in part because they are TODDLERS, and as such, their less desirable behavior takes the spotlight much of the time.

But just as I mentioned about Clara, we wouldn't change a thing about Colby, because in addition to all that I mentioned above, he is also our silly class clown, our curious explorer, our independent player, our conscientious helper, our affectionate baby boy, and we love him more than words could ever say!

Yes, you're seeing this correctly- he confiscated one of Clara's mutilated "fwenz" and gallivanted around the house with it, knocking over furniture along the way


the blogivers said...

He looks so big in the pic where he's wearing the orange dinosaur shirt!! He is a sweet, busy, funny little man!

Emily said...

Ah, another toy hoarder! Aaron is SUCH a toy hoarder and there is very often a lineup of assorted trinkets on the counter while he eats. I'm not sure why, but I find the toy hoarding extremely cute - like I just LOVE the picture of Colby in his crib with all his toys.

Emily said...

... Testing testing (lol). I commented prior to the fix so now see if this works.

Erika said...

Aww so sweet!! I can understand being fiercely committed to your food. Respectable, Colby. Also...he and Millie can be tubes-in-ears twins. :( Looks like she'll be getting them BEFORE SHE TURNS FREAKING ONE YEAR OLD. Wah. But anything is better than the nonstop ear infections she's had since January, so I guess we'll take it.

Brittnie said...

I agree with Emily . . . love the pic of all the toys in his crib! That is hilarious!

Brittany said...

Sweet boy! I love the hoarding phase. :)

Natasha said...

I also love the all they toys in the crib picture.

And poor Avery :( What did she do to deserve being a target?! Although I have to say I do get the getting physical while getting mad. I tend to throw (inanimate) objects when I'm seriously angry.