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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Double Sweet 16

It's official: as a friend recently pointed out, I have now been alive long enough to celebrate TWO sweet 16 birthdays (16 x 2 = 32 for those of you that also have Liberal Arts degrees). I know you're going to have a hard time believing this, but celebrating my 32nd birthday looked a little different than celebrating my 16th... primarily because I wasn't nearly as enthusiastic about my ability to drive a car.

Things that I was, however, enthusiastic about throughout the birthday weekend:

- Dinner at Los Tios on Saturday night, and most notably the margarita I consumed. I'm not much of a drinker and therefore a major lightweight when alcohol is involved. Combine that with the fact that their margaritas are very strong and let's just say I was a little, um, expressive that evening.

- Birthday cake. It was tasty, but just as importantly, Brian had them put my name first on the cake, which never happens when you're the younger twin and the one whose name comes second alphabetically (first world twin problems).

- Hanging out with our mom. There was eating, there was walking, there was shopping, and there was an additional source of entertainment for the kids.

- Gifts, most notably tickets for me and Allison to see Taylor Swift in October!!! No pictures of that, but here's a gratuitous picture of the flowers Brian gave me instead:

- Not one, but TWO meal outings without the children. A big thanks to Brian for watching the twins all day and to my mom for babysitting them that night!

- And last, but certainly not least, spending time with my favorite wombmate.

Thanks to all that helped make my 32nd birthday a memorable one. And cheers to my 33rd year and all that it will bring!


Brittnie said...

Glad you packed a lot of fun into a few short days! And yay for grandmas who can help entertain + babysit so parents can eat a meal that is 1-hot and 2-not spent repeating "Please sit on your bottom" 500x. :)

Emily said...

Happy birthday! Seems like an absolutely perfect birthday weekend. And that cake looks AMAZING!

Erika said...

What a great weekend!! I'm super excited that yall get to go to a Taylor concert!!! And that you got your name first on the cake!! ;)

Brittany said...

What a great birthday weekend!! :) I love that you are going to the Taylor Swift concert - so fun!

Aubrey said...

Happy belated!! XO

Nelson Bartley said...

Don't tell Allison but to me you two are always Amanda and Allison...not the other way around.

Natasha said...

I love the birthday flowers! They're beautiful.

Also, the joy of being first on the cake is not to be understated :)