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Monday, June 22, 2015

All about Daddy (... sort of)

With Father's Day being yesterday, this past weekend was all about Daddy, but because he is who he is, it was pretty much about everyone else, too. We did our best to make him feel special, but there was also a lot of normal parenting-two-toddler stuff in the midst of that, and because he's the greatest, he didn't complain about that one bit.

On Friday, the twins' daycare had a Father's Day program and Brian and his dad were both able to go. Colby and Clara apparently acted shy and anti-social (so, the usual), but hot dogs, Cheetos, and cookies were consumed, so I think everyone left happy. Not for long, however, because we then had the audacity to try and get Colby's hair cut.

No success at the first place we tried, so we finally moved on and gave the kid-friendly place a try, where he still threw a fit, but at least he wasn't the only one doing it. Please note the tear he was holding onto in this pic.

On Saturday morning, we hit up the Sugar Land branch of the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It took Clara longer to warm up to the place than Colby, because DINOSAURS. To him, they are amazing and worthy of praise. To her, they are scary and she just kept looking at their teeth and saying "owie" and clinging to my neck. Thankfully, there were enough other cool things to distract them both and in the end, they both gleefully waved and yelled, "Bye, dinosaurs!" on our way out the door.

Please note my necklace that Clara confiscated. She was swinging it around at one point and I said, "Be careful with Mommy's necklace," to which she responded, "NO. MY necklace." Oh, ok then.

One semi-amusing parenting fail: we decided to check out the movie playing in the (very small and inflatable) planetarium while we were there, and it turned out to be a pretty un-kid-friendly animated movie about the Mayans during which a man's heart was actually ripped out and eaten. It's a good thing the twins had no idea what was going on but we definitely did not stay for the duration of the film.

This has nothing to do with Father's Day or the children, but during naptime on Saturday, I decided to check out our neighborhood pool. Our former neighborhood was newer and had lots of young families in it, so the pool was pretty much always packed. Our new neighborhood is the opposite, so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that I was literally the only one at the pool (besides the ducks in the neighboring lake). 

We had dinner with Brian's family on Saturday night for an early celebration of both Brian and his dad. I like to think that the first picture below is what people pretend fatherhood is like and the second is what it's actually like:

Father's Day itself was filled with some of Brian's favorite food, a few presents, church, and a movie outing for him and his dad while the twins napped. Oh, and plenty of playing, which is what I think we can all agree that Daddy does best:

Brian, there really are not enough words to sufficiently explain how much all three of us love you (... and desperately need you in order to maintain our sanity). Thank you for being the glue that holds us together and the most selfless man there is- hope you felt as appreciated yesterday as you truly are!


Nelson Bartley said...

Is the Magnolia Plantation pool still the kids wade pool? Used to be and it's nothing but kids. We never went to the closest pool, always to the funnest ones.

the blogivers said...

Fun weekend honoring Bri - sorry we weren't around more to enjoy it with y'all!

Brittnie said...

Fun weekend! I will admit I actually lol about the mayan video at the museum. . . :)

Happy belated Father's Day, Brian!

(And great idea about hitting up the pool solo. . . I might try that during nap time this weekend!)

Allena said...

Looks like a fun weekend. What book were you reading? I think reading a book by the pool with no children to watch would be AMAZING. We joined our town's rec center which has an awesome outdoor pool but so far I've had tag alongs who haven't allowed me to read and enjoy a lawn chair!

Erika said...

Hahaha- I love that Clara recognizes that getting bit by a dinosaur would be OWIE. Smart girl. Maybe Jurassic World should be your next movie adventure!!

Emily said...

A man's heart being ripped out and eaten? Sounds like good healthy family fun to me! Seriously though, I think I would take that over Elmo in a heartbeat...

Natasha said...

Okay, basically the first paragraph and last paragraph totally sum up our Father's Day and my feelings about Dave. Next time I'll just wait for you to post and then post a link to it on my blog :)

Also, Rachel steals my necklaces and sometimes breaks them so you have that to look forward to as well :)