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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

30 Week Writing Challenge: Week 1 (Basic things about myself)

My fellow working mom blogger friend, Emily, announced that she's going to undertake a 30-week (not to be confused with 30-day) writing challenge, and given my complete inability lately to write about anything other than my weekend recaps or the amusing things my children do, I decided to join her.

I'll be tackling one topic each week, and if you're also feeling lazy and uninspired motivated, you should hop on board and join us! I'm going go ahead and kick off week 1 with today's post topic: "basic things about myself." For the short version, you can click on the "meet the Joiners" tab above; for the longer version, read ahead:

My name is Amanda. I'm married to a man named Brian that, according to the Myers Briggs personality assessment, is basically my exact opposite. We have 2-year-old boy/girl twins named Colby and Clara that are an answer to 3+ years of prayers (see here for more details). They are also simultaneously my greatest source of pride, entertainment, joy, and utter exhaustion.

(We have two dogs, Buster and Noah, that have definitely taken a backseat since the twins' arrival, but are still very much a part of the family... so much so that they apparently are only worthy of being discussed as a parenthetical aside.)

We live outside of Houston, Texas, where I work in Human Resources for an oil and gas company and Brian works as a Portfolio Analyst for a wealth management company. I didn't grow up dreaming of working in HR, but then again, I also didn't grow up dreaming of living in Houston- in fact, I wanted to be a broadcast journalist- but I'm glad to report that both have proven to be a good match for me... minus the humidity and traffic.

I grew up in Dallas until the age of 13, at which point my family and I moved to Austin, where I lived until graduating from high school and moving off to College Station to attend Texas A&M University. I graduated with a degree in Spanish & International Studies... and a boyfriend named Brian. I initially had no interest in attending "that stupid farmer school," but once again, God knew best and I'm thankful that He changed my heart and redirected my path.

My parents have been married for 43+ years and I'm one of four children. I have a sister that's 6 years older (who has a husband and 4 kids), a brother that's 3 years older (the outdoorsy/artistic bachelor), and last, but certainly not least, an identical twin sister that's one minute my senior.

If you know me at all, then you know that it's actually pretty amazing that I made it through 5 paragraphs without mentioning her because you really can't get to know me without getting to know her, too. She and her husband + 2 kids recently moved less than a mile away from us which was essentially my dream come true. You can read more about her (and probably me) here.

I'm tempted to provide more information, because one more "basic" thing about me is that I compulsively over-share, BUT to make sure I save some material for the next 29 weeks, I think I'll stop there.

Even if you're not participating in the challenge, I would still encourage you to write a "basic things about yourself" post because it's easy to forget how many of those basic details your readers probably don't know about you (which I realize is sometimes probably not such a bad thing ;)!


  1. Wow, my basic posts feels horribly inferior compared to your mini-autobiography. But I love it! I love that you originally referred to your college as "that stupid farm school" because I probably had some pretty choice words for Messiah too (like that crazy conservative school).

  2. Thanks for helping me get to know you - I had no idea about any of these things!

  3. Hahah love this!! Maybe I need to participate in this challenge.

  4. Fun challenge! I never knew Brian's official work/job title and now I know! Also, I guess I can also be classified as a chronic over-sharer because you know, I plastered my entire fertility journey (filled with lots of special words) on the internet for ANYONE to read.

  5. Oh I like the challenge! I am woefully out of interesting content, so I may just jump into this as well. :)

  6. This is great, I may also have to jump on board with you! Side note, I think the dress you are wearing in the sombrero pic is from Target... it's years old, but I have the same one in brown. I kick myself weekly for not buying it in more colors and am totally jealous of your purple one. If you're ever tempted to get rid of it, I'll buy it off of you :)

  7. I am going to participate in this challenge but I am going to start two weeks late :) I hope that's okay.