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Monday, May 18, 2015

Non-highlights and links

I do not have any fun pictures to share from this past weekend because, well, nothing fun and exciting really took place. I will summarize the highlights for you as proof:

- Clara spiked a fever on a few different occasions. She was otherwise acting fine, but as a result, our only plans for the weekend (dinner with friends on Saturday and church on Sunday) were cancelled. This means we spent a loooot of time at home and inventing additional errands to run. And on that note, thank you, Lord Jesus, for the free dessert samples at Target.

- Colby literally ate himself sick yesterday at Chipotle. He walked up to me once we got home and said, "Mama?" and before I even turned around, he just barfed right onto the kitchen cabinet and my foot. Thankfully he seemed a-ok and promptly ran over to grab his snack cup and start stuffing his face with Cheerios. Meanwhile, the dogs proceeded to lick up all of the vomit. So if you ever start to think your standards are low, just think about that and you'll feel better about yourself.

- In the span of 48 hours, we ate food from Dairy Queen, Smashburger, Kolache Factory, and Chipotle. So basically, we should be commended for modeling such healthy delicious eating habits for our children.

- It rained. JK, that's not a highlight, because for the past 5-6 months, that's all it EVER does here anymore.

Since I don't have any pictures to share, I'll leave you with a few amusing articles I've read instead:

"In Defense of the Clean Mom" - This. Yes. "If I don't have time to clean my house, then I don't have time for a play date." And I'm sorry, but sticky floors gross me out. (Don't worry, I know there's a happy medium between these two camps- I just tend to be more comfortable in this camp than the other!)

"11 Things Every Type 'A' Person Wants You to Know" - #4 is my favorite because those who know me well know that basically everything is urgent to me... even relaxing (at the designated time, of course).

I actually sent this to my non-type-A husband and he responded by sending me this article: "10 Reasons You Should Be Glad You're Type B." If you're type A, like me, then don't bother reading it because it will only make you feel bad about yourself... and who has time for that? ;)


Brittnie said...

In a span of 48 hours I/we ate food from Pei Wei, McDonalds, Chick-fil-a, and Lupe Tortilla. Apparently my food standards are as high as yours, haha! Maybe I should eat a vegetable today.

Love the article about Type A's! :) Truth.

Emily said...

Gah, so not the best weekend ever BUT I love the articles you linked. "I am the mom that the writer of the Normal post hates. You come to my house and you hate me because it’s always clean" <--- YES YES YES. Of course, I have some shortfalls (the hidden playroom), but more often than not I get comments of: "Wow, your house is so clean." Yup.
And the Type A article - #1 - everyone calls me impatient, but its just that I'm efficient! AMEN!

Brittany said...

I'm sorry C&C had a rough weekend! :( The articles you posted were really interesting! I always think of myself as Type A, but after reading both articles, I don't feel like I'm either one! Hmmm… maybe there is a Type C?

the blogivers said...

I don't approve of your semi-lame weekend at home, but I do (obviously) approve of 2 out of 3 articles you posted!

Erika said...

I am jealous of all the yummy food you ate all weekend. My grandparents are coming to visit this week- maybe I can convince them to bring kolaches!!!!

kayla Agan said...

That article make me short of breath!! Ha! And ummm gross chipotle vomit. Nora has done that twice with watermelon!

Natasha said...

I love the articles about Type As. I am definitely "efficient!" Also, the article about "normal" made me want to hyperventilate. Yikes!