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Friday, May 1, 2015

Five on Friday

1. I came across this "Which 'Gilmore Girls' Character Are You Most Like?" quiz on facebook and obviously had to take it. I was a little surprised when the result was Emily Gilmore... until I read the description:
You are most like the elegant and poised (and sometimes frightfully abrasive) Emily Gilmore. Although you sometimes don't see eye to eye with your family, you are very loyal to your spouse and your friends that you like to socialize with. You usually like order and routine, but every once in a while it's fun to be spontaneous and go on an adventure!

2. Go watch a video of a baby sea turtle crawling. Then watch this video of Colby and tell me they aren't basically the same thing:

3. Rumor has it that these two children have moms that are identical twins:

Not sure I'm buying it.

4. I need the recommendations for the following makeup products:
  (a) foundation (liquid or powder... or both) that will not look caked on but will even out my skin and not make it look shiny
  (b) bronzer for someone with fair skin that doesn't want to look like I've consumed too much carrot juice

5. This picture was taken on Brian's 22nd birthday:

On Sunday, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of this picture and Brian turns 32! We will not be going bowling to commemorate the occasion, but I hope the birthday boy has a wonderful time nonetheless :)


the blogivers said...

1. I could totes see it.
2. Maybe the CG is a baby turtle reincarnated!
3. Like I said, they are cute little interracial besties.
4. I like my combo... I use Almay TLC liquid foundation (color "ivory") and Lancome star bronzer powder (color "sunkiss").
5. Babies.

Allena said...

I LOVE Bare Minerals. It really evens out my skin, feels light, never looks caked on...and I get comments on how good my skin looks when I wear it...

Jackie said...

I use Bare Minerals for my powder and it seems to work well for my paleness. I also like that it seems to last forever! I have been using the same powder since December. I don't like heavy coverage so I don't wear liquid foundation. Here is the powder that I use:,en_US,pd.html

Natasha said...

I am Rory Gilmore! Yay?!

Also, Happy Birthday To Brian! I am exactly ten years, 364 days older than him, but we might as well call it an even eleven years :)

Karissa Sonntag said...

I see you already have some recommendations for it, but I am just going to back them up, Bare Minerals is the way to go. I LOVE it. Every time I try to go back to something cheaper (like now) I miss it. It's light with great coverage. I use the original primer (lightweight- not heavy like liquid foundation- it doesn't even have a color) and original powder. If I want to get fancy, I throw on the faux tan (acquired in a gift- their bronzer could be better, but I just haven't tried it) and/or the mineral veil. However, you can even just throw on the powder alone and you will still see a difference; it just might not stay on quite as long as with primer. I have to get more powder, but you could probably borrow my stuff sometime if you wanted.

Emily said...

I think the Emily description and from your blog writing, it sounds like it fits you perfectly.

I, of course, had to take this and was pegged Lorelai. "You are most like the witty [EH?], quirky, and fun-loving Lorelai Gilmore! You are always on the go [YES] and can never have too much caffeine [NO!]. You like to make friendly small talk with neighbors [YES YES YES] and you truly love your family [YES], even if you don't always see eye to eye with them [YESSSSS]. You are charming and such a delight to be around [SOME WOULD QUESTION THIS], it's no wonder why you are the favorite around town!" Haha

Brittany said...

Emily Gilmore is beautiful! Happy almost birthday Brian!

Erika said...

I totally don't see you as Emily, but that description does help. I think they describe Emily in an overly positive light, though, ha. And I will put in a plug for Tarte's Amazonian clay foundation. It is the best thing everrrrr...from a girl that used to wear Bare Minerals. :)