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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Celebrate good times

To Whom it May Concern:

Please pardon my absence yesterday. My husband and I took a vacation day to recover from our celebration hangovers- and no, I'm not referring to the standard alcohol-induced hangover; but rather, the type of hangover that occurs when one has overindulged in celebratory occasions.

This week, we plan to "recover" by celebrating Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day. Then we'll take a short breather until yours truly catches up to Brian and turns the big 3-2 at the end of the month (along with my other other half, that is).

So let's review this past weekend and try to pretend you didn't read about most of this in Allison's post yesterday. The highlights include:

An impromptu Friday morning photo shoot because 6:45 am is always an ideal time to capture your toddlers sporting coordinated neon striped attire, right?

A members' event at the zoo, wherein we indulged in free ice cream, enjoyed free carousel rides, and managed to see 3-4 actual animals before hightailing it home for bedtime in the name of preserving everyone's sanity.

A birthday party for a sweet friend (also named Clara!), wherein we played with friends, cousins, and most importantly, toys that aren't our own and are therefore a million times more exciting.


A family birthday dinner for Davis, wherein I took zero pictures because I was too busy eating everything in sight enjoying time with my wonderful family and watching the kids live it up in the bounce house the twins got for their birthday (thanks again, Franny & Pop Pop!).

A birthday for Brian, wherein we enjoyed tasty meals with family, opened lots of thoughtful gifts, and the birthday boy spent a few hours playing Top Golf with the guys. 

What better way to start your big day than Starbucks and kolaches on a "You are special today" plate?

Delirious twins before naptime (shortly after forcing Mommy to make an early exit from birthday lunch to take them home because they were acting like tiny terrorists)

Thankfully a few of them complied with my request for pictures (and how cute that they were coordinating?)

Yes, yes we did.

See why a day off was so necessary?? 


the blogivers said...

I wish I could have stolen your day off to recover (not that you didn't deserve it)! Also, I like the disgruntled neon attire photo shoot - classic.

Brittnie said...

I will have to tell Brandon he made a debut on your blog!! :) He had a great time so thanks for helping throw that guys outing together!

So glad you had a day off to recover from a weekend full of activities! I need to do that some day and have my parents watch the girls (or I guess just Camille) the majority of the day, ha!

Emily said...

We get a zoo event this Friday too! Adam's law firm is renting out the Philadelphia Zoo, but of course the event starts at like 6pm so we'll test the line to see how long we can drag out Aaron before the epic over-exhaustion meltdown.

Erika said...

Hahaha that was such a wildly successful 6:45 a.m. photo shoot!! Looks like a fun and delicious weekend, although I'm a little confused/concerned about what Brian is doing with those donut holes (???) at the golf course...

Brittany said...

What a fun weekend! I'm glad Brian had a great birthday!

Natasha said...

This looks like it was a crazy but fun weekend! And I can totally see why you needed a day off to recuperate. I also love how you say the twins were acting like "tiny terrorists" so you had to take them home. My kids still act like terrorists, only they aren't quite so tiny anymore. Blah.