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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pre-birthday fun

The twins had the good fortune of turning 2 on a long holiday weekend, which meant that we packed in a lot of activities before their actual birthday even rolled around. It's not often that I pull out the actual camera, but when I do, I insist on turning everything into a Kodak moment, and when you combine that with the aforementioned long weekend, blog posts like these happen.

But because I don't want you to hate me, I've kindly (a) edited out several pictures and (b) split the weekend into two posts (pre-birthday and actual birthday). Now follow me as we travel back in time...

My parents got the twins a bounce house and we decided to bust it out on Friday since the weekend forecast was not looking so hot. It was a big hit (although thanks to toddler ADD, they lost interest after approximately 10 minutes)!

I'm sorry to report that this will not be featured on our 2015 Christmas cards.

We celebrated Franny's birthday early with the first round of chocolate cake for the weekend, which, as you can tell, they hated!

Pumped up before the Easter egg hunt at our church on Saturday morning... can I just say how uncool it is for parents to let their kids that are CLEARLY above the age range participate in the 2/3-year-old egg hunt? I felt like we were competing with Olympic athletes.

Thankfully "digging for eggs" was one of the activity stations, wherein we did not have to fight off the competition.

Attempting a family pic, which of course resulted in very little cooperation from the children and consequential frustration on my part... after which Allison informed me that I needed to lower my expectations. Noted, sis.

And speaking of not cooperating for pictures, because we are clearly gluttons for punishment, we then attempted bluebonnet pics!

This was the best one we got, even though there is a strange haze around Clara's face and they are only half smiling... take what you can get, right?

This picture captures their personalities so perfectly! Colby got up and started dancing to the "dump truck" video we turned on, and Clara was insisting that we stop bothering her flower-picking with our picture-taking.

I love this bossy little nut!

And I love this goofy little nut, too!

Deep in thought

Also deep in thought

And then later that afternoon during a trip to the park, Clara insisted that her bloomers were actually a hat- far be it from us to deprive the world of her trendsetting ways.

After dinner at Jupiter, we decided to let the crazies run around town square for a bit and lo and behold, we ran into our friend, Mateo (10 days younger than the twins), along with his parents and baby brother! We somehow convinced these 3 to go "night night" next to the fountain. Wish they would calm down on command like this any time we wanted!

What you do not see pictured is quality time with my parents, who came in town to help celebrate the twinkies, and as usual, the consumption of an embarrassing quantity of food. Oh, and several tantrums on behalf of my children, who were just getting warmed up for their entry into the allegedly terrible twos, no doubt :)

Actual birthday recap post to come!


the blogivers said...

I hadn't seen the bluebonnet pics yet - they turned out cute! Funny that they were so cooperative for those but not for any other photo attempts over the weekend...

Beth said...

I agree, the bluebonnet pics turned out great! Makes me want to attempt this year (last year did not turn out well). So glad we ran into y'all and that your children also like to randomly lay down. I greatly prefer the "night night" lay down to the tantrum throw self down over and over again that Mateo did yesterday. Looking forward to the birthday post!

Emily said...

You could make a Christmas card collage just out of this post! I love the bounce-house smiles. And I think you're being way too hard on yourself with the bluebonnets pic; I think the one of Clara admiring her flower is especially cute.

Also... I want a bounce house. For me.

Erika said...

I'm so jealous of the abundance of bluebonnets yall have!! SO pretty!! And I love the swing picture and hope that you'll reconsider it for the Christmas card. :)

Aubrey said...

They get cuter with every passing day! Love the bluebonnet pics and jm beyond jealous of your weather.

Brittany said...

I think you got some great bluebonnet pictures! My favorite picture of all is Clara with her bloomers on her head. :) It made me laugh!

Natasha said...

So is Clara's trendsetting bloomers on her head just a toddle thing or will it be sweeping the nation for adults too?!?!

I love the bluebonnets pictures! They are adorable. And if you ever figure out the secret to relaxing about the perfect picture, please let me know. I still haven't learned that lesson.