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Monday, April 13, 2015

No rest for the weary (aka: parents of small children)

I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but I spend a lot of time fantasizing about sleeping. I love a lot of things about the weekends, but getting to sleep past 5:14 am (yes, I wake up at 5:14, that extra minute to get ready counts) is most certainly in the top 5. I have sadly discovered, however, that the extra sleep I get on the weekends does not equate to extra rest. I'll give you two guesses as to why that is...

All that to say, we had another busy weekend and I'm really wishing I could take a day off from work/parenting/life right about now. But alas, the bills insist on being paid and the twins insist on being cared for, so bring it, Monday!

I typically spend my Friday afternoons running errands and, let's be honest, enjoying a little alone time. This past Friday, however, the twins had their 2-year well visit with the pediatrician, so the weekend got off to a slightly more chaotic start than normal. Are well visits only crazy for us because we have two children, or are they like that for everyone? I swear those things wear me out, and yes, the vaccinations and finger pricks do have something to do with it!

Thankfully the twinkies are healthy (minus Colby's double ear infections), but they most definitely spent 90% of the visit acting like they were certain we were going to abandon them there forever. Fruit snacks and teddy grahams helped calm their fears, but we felt like human jungle gyms in the meantime.

On Saturday, Allison and I made a whirlwind roundtrip drive to College Station to attend part of our sorority's 40th reunion. We had fun seeing old friends, visiting the Chi Omega house, and eating at one of our old stomping grounds. And speaking of eating, we couldn't get over how many new restaurants there are in the BCS now. I don't feel like students that attend A&M now really understand the struggle we former students once faced...

Pledge sisters + Blue Baker = winning combo

We're so old that our composite pic is now in the upstairs hall. Here we are senior year!

Meanwhile, Brian held down the fort at home and was even kind enough to comply with my request for pictures while I was gone. I know I've bragged on him before, but seriously, he is such a great daddy and is always such a good sport about taking on solo twin duty, and for that, I'm very thankful.

A rare moment of playing together where no hitting or pushing was involved

Love this pic of Davis, Avery, Colby, & Clara (at lunch with the dads and Pop Pop)

Reunited and had to take a selfie with Colby and our pastel attire

Sadly not pictured: early birthday dinner for Brian's dad, who turned the big 6-5 yesterday!

We spent Sunday morning being far more productive than any of us would have liked before heading to church, but it paid off because we got to take it easy for most of Sunday afternoon/evening. Allison and I attended a baptism lunch for our friends' sweet baby, Campbell, while the twins napped (and again, Brian held down the fort), but that is sadly also not pictured!

Clara attempted to wear my shoes for the first time, so of course we had to document it, but I felt sorry for her for picking such a difficult pair to stand in (let alone walk in)! Also, this better be the last time in her life she walks around in heels with no clothes on ;)

Enjoying a pre-church snack

I know I've said it before, but seriously, it's just like photographing Big Foot... make that Big Feet, actually.

I posted about this on Instagram, too, but we decided to bust out my troll doll collection for the twins yesterday, and it was a big hit with both of them! Next up: beanie babies

So that was that. And now I'm going to go count the hours until I get to go to sleep again. Happy Monday!


Brittnie said...

I'm too am really wishing I could take a day off from parenting/life/everything right about now. You name the destination and I am there!!! :) I'm thinking somewhere with a beach, sun, and lawn chairs. :)

Brittany said...

Busy weekend for sure! I can totally see how trolls would provide lots of entertainment for 2 year olds! Fun!

the blogivers said...

You aren't hoping you'll have a side-by-side comparison pic of Clara in her naked-with-heels look from 2 years old vs. 20 years old?

Allena said...

Trent likes to go with me to Drew's well checks and that is insane, so I can't imagine appointments with 2 2-year-olds! Drew also LOVES to walk around in my shoes, and she's surprisingly very good at it! And my kids LOVE beanie babies. My mom has a billion and somehow they end up coming home with us! Just the perfect size for a 2 year-old to snuggle with, ha. Question - where did you get your kitchen table? We want to do a table that style with a bench down the side and I really like yours!

Emily said...

Oh my do I feel you on this whirlwind exhaustion!!!! Today, especially, I'm half asleep and can't seem to snap out of it. I want another weekend from my weekend... sans child.

Also... naked Clara in heels... dying. Just don't give her any money to hold when she's wearing the heels. ;)

Erika said...

Wait, why do you still have Beanie Babies? Didn't you sell yours for a million dollars like everyone else? Weren't they the best investment EVER?!!

Aubrey said...

Sounds/looks like a great weekend!! I too have been fantasizing about sleep a lot lately! Our twins have slept thru the night since 4 mos old but recently have regressed big time... They're up every hour on the hour from midnight on... Did your twins go thru anything similar around 8-10 mos??

Natasha said...

Oh yes, can I also have a vacation from life? And your comment about Clara and the heels and the future made me laugh a lot!!! Ha ha ha!!! You have thought about the fact that she'd make a lot of money in that future and you could retire early, right?!