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Friday, April 24, 2015

Moving on up... again

In case you missed it, Allison and I had the opportunity to write a guest post for the Houston Moms Blog yesterday as part of their National Infertility Awareness Week series, so be sure to check it out!

In their short two years of life, Colby and Clara have already "graduated" twice. The first time, they graduated from the Infant I classroom to the Infant II classroom at daycare and joined the world of crawlers and climbers. The second time, they graduated from the Infant II classroom to the Toddler classroom and joined the world of eating at a table (rather than in a high chair) and napping on mats on the floor.

As you might recall (although I don't think I documented it fully), the move to the Toddler room was a little traumatic for Clara. She spent the better part of their first week in the new room crying, and by the time we picked her up in the evenings, she was exhausted. Thankfully, she bounced back quickly and found her new groove after the first week.

Last Friday, we were notified that graduation #3 was upon us and that the twins would be moving up to the Young Pre-schoolers (2-year-old) room. Fortunately, this room is pretty similar to the Toddler room, so the change isn't quite as drastic. New and terrifying exciting things we have to look forward to in this room include: drinking out of cups without lids and (gasp) potty-training.

[And on that note, in case you're wondering, we have made basically zero effort toward potty-training thus far. I don't think either one of them are ready for it yet, so I'm going to once again take advantage of the magical powers that the daycare teachers possess and wait until they tell us it's time. Outsourcing parenting responsibilities for the win!]

Anyway, as far as we know, the first week has gone fine for the twins at school. One of their friends is also making the move with them, so I'm sure that helps. However, it's pretty clear that the whole thing is throwing them off a bit and they have both been fairly exhausted.

If we're being honest, it's pretty normal for Clara to behave, shall we say, erratically. Colby, however, is generally pretty steady, but thanks to 2 days in a row without naps (which is not typically the case for him at school, even though he protests naps on the weekend), he has been a bit of a mess himself.

Here's Colby on Wednesday night. Immediately after this picture was taken, he allowed Brian to carry him up the stairs like a baby, took a short bath, and then fell asleep the minute we laid him down in his crib. Poor, sleepy guy!

Oh, sweet Clara. This was Thursday morning, after she lost the battle to wear her pajama top to school but won the battle to wear two bows in her hair at one time. So much personality in such a little body...

But just as is the case when little ones are sick, even though you hate that they aren't themselves, it's only fair as a mommy to take advantage of their pitifulness and steal all of the affection you can, right?

So it's onward and upward we go. Before we know it, it will be time for their high school graduation and I have a sneaking suspicion that when that time comes, they won't be willing to climb up in my lap together to rock away their worries (though the visual is pretty amusing)!


the blogivers said...

Sweet little pitiful babies. It's hard work growing up!

Brittany said...

The last picture is so sweet! I'm sure they will adjust to their new class and routine in no time!

Emily said...

I nearly died at "outsourced parenting." That's my new strategy for getting Aaron to eat with silverware. Also, for some reason, I love the picture of Clara losing it; it represents so much passion for the little things in life (PJ tops) and makes me crack up. Parenthood summed up in one picture. :)

Allena said...

Those transitions can be tough for sure. I love our new school (montessori) because they don't transition as often. Drew has been in the same class for a year and has about 9 months in her class. And Trent moves into 'lower elementary' next year, and it goes 1st - 3rd grade. So all that time with the same teachers, I love it!

Erika said...

Love those double cuddles!! And I definitely appreciate the help with less-fun parts of parenting (like changing all the diapers...haha). I'm currently depending on daycare to teach Mills how to drink from a sippy cup, a skill that I am apparently completely incapable of teaching. I can barely figure out how to drink from one it's the blind leading the blind here.

Brittnie said...

I, too, am looking forward to Clara's school taking the reigns on potty training. No shame in outsourced parenting!! Ha!

I hope their transition goes well. . . drinking with no lids!!! Crazy!

kayla Agan said...
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Natasha said...

I need to look into this outsourcing parenting thing! It sounds like a good plan :)

Not to burst your bubble here, but my cousins' daughter was completely toilet trained at daycare but not at home so be (potentially) prepared for that struggle.