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Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday

1. We are moving very slowly through Parenthood, but can I just tell you that I simultaneously love and hate how much I can relate to Julia Braverman (Erika Christensen's character) so far? Not only because she's a working mom, but also because she's pretty opinionated and seems to have a reputation in the family for her straightforwardness and sometimes unapologetic behavior.

And on a related note, I'm sure you're surprised to learn that I kind of think everyone on the show is a little hard on Julia... :)

2. Baby Center e-mailed me recently and suggested that I enter my children's information into their "child height predictor" to see how tall they're supposed to be ate age 18. The results? Colby will be 5'10" and Clara will be 5'5". I'm putting about as much faith in this thing as I would a magic eight ball, but perhaps I'll still have this blog in 16 years and I can come back to let you know if they were right?

3. Have y'all seen this article going around about the couple that (spoiler alert) kept the fact that they were pregnant with twins a surprise from all of their friends and family? I mean... wow. I can't even keep what I ate for breakfast a secret (english muffin with cottage cheese), let alone that I was gestating two humans at the same time. Clearly they do not have the same over-sharing disorder that I have!

4. My kids got their first tats this week:

5. I mentioned one of these on facebook earlier this week (and, in turn, received a record number of 'likes,' for some reason?), but Allison has done the following for me in the past week:
       (1) brought an apple to me at work when I forgot to pack mine in my lunch bag
       (2) helped me take care of the twins one evening when Brian had to unexpectedly work late
       (3) brought me a cookie at work for no other reason than because she needed an excuse to get out of the house with the kids on a rainy afternoon  wanted me to feel loved

Conclusion: having a thoughtful twin sister is great, but having one that lives less than a mile away is even greater!


the blogivers said...

Ha, I wonder if I ever thought that about Julia (about you being similar) when I was watching the show? I can't remember, but I can certainly see it!

As for the "secret" twins, I have so many questions... how did they hide the nursery set-up from anyone who came over? And they are more selfish than I am, because I would have wanted/needed to take advantage of baby showers for TWO babies instead of one!

To finish, you are welcome for being awesome.

Brittnie said...

I am missing Parenthood - might need to just start watching it all over again. :)

Brittany said...

I love Julia's character and definitely see a lot of you in her! I did the child height predictor and apparently Reid is going to be 6' 5"! Yikes! You have the best twin sister ever (and so does Allison)! I am so happy you finally get to live close to each other again! :)

Emily said...

1) I watched Parenthood for the first season and was later very disappointed that I didn't stick with it. Add that to my list of popular shows I want to watch someday. :)
2) Those seem like reasonable heights! Clara can get pants without being hemmed and Colby will still be taller than most girls.
4) You should draw an arrow and a MOM in Clara's. ;)
5) Seriously. I want a twin. So badly.

Natasha said...

Okay, we knew Rachel was a girl and kept that a secret from almost everyone (our parents, our four best friends, and my mom's group knew but that was it) but I can't imagine KNOWING you're having twins and not telling anyone. Why? Why would you do that?!?! Why??? What is the purpose???

I'm sorry that's all I can focus on but it just seems so crazy to me...

Also, can I have a twin sister? In fact, can I even have yours? :)

Kristin said...

We actually told no one we were having twins until after we knew the gender, and then, since it was boy/girl it seemed hard to keep it a secret. We also knew the gender for 3 weeks before the official reveal. I think I was about 5 months along. We contemplated waiting until the hospital, but got nervous about complications and peoeple being upset. We are awesome at keeping secrets :)

Nelson Bartley said...

I kept the fact that Austin was a boy from Larry until ...he was born. On the way to the hospital Larry even said "Elizabeth Jean, right?" as that was the name we had chosen. I had only agreed to it since I KNEW the baby was a boy-figured there were enough Elizabeth's in the family, we didn't need another one. But Larry also has Elizabeths and he liked the name. Thankfully by the time Ellery came around (and she was a TOTAL surprise girl-neither one of us knew) we had morphed Elizabeth into Ellery.

Erika said...

Hahaha I also way identified with Julia in the early seasons. One time when Matt asked which character was my favorite and I said it was her, Matt was like "but that's just because you are EXACTLY LIKE HER!!" Ummm...exactly like her except I make way less money? Exactly. But then in later seasons, I wished I weren't like her and I divorced myself from being like her anymore. ;)