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Friday, April 3, 2015

Almost two

I never expected it to happen so quickly, but due undoubtedly to some type of time warp, Colby and Clara will turn TWO on Sunday. Two is kind of an intimidating age because as you all know, there's a lot of hype around the "terrible twos," and truth be told, we've already started to experience a lot of what this independent-but-still-very-much-dependent stage has to offer.

So much whining, hitting, pushing, biting, tantrum-throwing, and general defiance, and when you consider that there are two of them going through it at once, sometimes it is enough to make us want to throw in the towel. In fact, during a particularly pointless attempt at timeout with Clara last weekend, I looked at Brian and said, "I'm sorry, but I don't think I'm cut out to parent this one."

But by the grace of God, along with all of the really difficult parts of having two toddlers come a lot of really wonderful parts, too. Two little people learning new words every day. Two little people giving hugs and kisses and sharing their already-chewed goldfish with us. Two little people wanting nothing more at the end of the day than to sit in our laps and read a book (even if it's the 800th time we've all joined in the thrilling journey of finding out where Spot really is).

And so with that, I want to make sure to remember this age and what these little people are up to:


- Every time he goes into our closet, he brings out my owl house slippers, exclaims "MAMA SHOES!" and gleefully insists that I put them on, regardless of what I'm wearing.

- This child's current life passion = moving vehicles. There are 5 types of vehicles according to him: (1) dump truck ("truck-truck"), (2) bus, (3) pick-up truck ("dada truck"), (4) tractor ("tac-tuh"), (5) and train ("choo-choo")

- And on that note, ever since we turned the twins' car seats around, Colby has made it his mission to narrate everything he sees, particularly the vehicles we pass ("honk honk" and "beep beep" included).

- And once again on a related note, his favorite video is this dump truck video, and we have probably watched it 7 million times. He has a particular spot on the couch where he likes to sit while watching it (and any TV, really), and scurries over to it as soon as he hears the intro music (which is permanently stuck in my head).

- He has learned to say "ew" when something is gross, and he says it EXACTLY like Jimmy Fallon.

- While he is a champion sleeper, naps just really aren't his thing. It is not uncommon for him to stay in his crib playing (and sometimes yelling) for up to 3 hours. One of his favorite activities is to try and convince Clara to wake up from her nap and join him in his shenanigans:

- He knows the key to getting out of a timeout is a hug, so the little stinker will often sneak out of the timeout chair to offer us one in order to escape early. How do you say no to that?!

- Ever the introvert, if you can't immediately spot Colby in a crowded room, it's likely that he's in the corner reading or playing by himself. It's safe to say that child marches to the beat of his own drum, and if you don't believe me, then take a look at this video from his class's dress rehearsal for their recent Spring show:


- I know I've mentioned this before, but this girl loves herself some accessories, and is known to demand a bow and shoes immediately upon waking (and sometimes even requests to wear them to bed).

- She has a knack for destroying food before eating it. She also has a knack for chewing up food and then taking it out of her mouth to leave it on her plate as a parting gift for whomever cleans up the dishes.

- This child's current life passion = art. In particular, she lives for coloring and stickers... although truth be told, much of her time "coloring," is spent simply taking the tops of markers off and then putting them back on over and over again.

- She has taken a liking for the plastic Minnie Mouse head that came on the top of her bubble bath and now carries "Mi-mee" around with her, including on car trips and occasionally in the crib.

- In her vocabulary, "help, please" is one word, pronounced sort of like "hop-peas."

- She is, in general, a pretty sensitive soul these days, and while some of her responses to situations are frustrating (full meltdowns because it's time to stop swinging), others are amusing (saying "ow" when the dogs lick her hand).

- While we are so proud of how well she has done with saying farewell to her "fwenz," it's still pretty clear that she misses them, which breaks this mommy's heart :( Nonetheless, I remind myself that she was a tough, brave girl when she was in my tummy and a tough, brave girl when she was in the NICU, so I know she'll be just fine!

Colby and Clara, every day with you is better than the last (even the hard ones) and Daddy and I are so very thankful to call you our own. And even though I not so secretly want you to stay this little forever, we love getting to watch you grow up. Happy almost 2nd birthday, little ones- we love you!


the blogivers said...

Feels like just yesterday I was barfing outside the hospital coming to visit them... excited to help you celebrate turning TWO, sweet wittle babies!

Terrie said...

It seems impossible that they are almost 2! It has been such a joy to watch them grow and learn. Even though they aren't so little any more, I know that every year year will bring even more love and fun experiences.

Emily said...

This is ALL KINDS of cuteness.
I am shocked and impressed that Clara sleeps through Colby's calls. That's incredible.
I 100% agree with you that while "terrible twos" resonates in my head with this age, there's also so much cuteness that goes along with it. I love watching Aaron interact with other kids his age, and I'd love to be a nanny cam in your house watching these two together... except, of course, that would be restraining-order-style creepy

Brittany said...

I loved reading about your almost two year old cuties!!!

Natasha said...

I wonder if parenting girls is harder than parenting boys. I really resonated with you line, "...I don't think I'm cut out to parent this one." That describes perfectly how I've been feeling about Rachel lately.