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Friday, April 10, 2015

2nd birthday fun

There are a lot of positives about sharing your birthday with a holiday (activities already planned, easy celebration themes, an already abundant supply of candy/dessert, etc.). But I have to say that when you're a type A mom that likes to make a big deal out of birthdays and holidays, the combination has the potential to be a little dangerous. Let's just say that I have a tendency to set unrealistic expectations and then lose my cool when they are unmet.

With this being the case, the twins' 2nd birthday got off to a bit of a rocky start, because even though I know you'll find this hard to believe, they did NOT, in fact: wake up in good moods, cheerfully eat their breakfast, willingly put on their Easter attire, and sort through their Easter loot without demanding to eat the candy IMMEDIATELY. 

Thankfully, once we got past the morning, the day only improved from there and actually ended up being enjoyable for all 4 of us, so I'll call it a win!

Birthday breakfast = chocolate chip waffles, banana, and thanks to the Easter bunny, sweet tarts

Easter baskets

Checking out the goods

This is the third "Duck & Goose" book we've added to our collection and it was also a hit!

When I was younger, I apparently made this same face when I was mad about something (which was allegedly fairly often) and my parents referred to it as "the goose face." So glad Clara inherited that lovely trait!

At church before we dropped the birthday boy and girl off at childcare

As I mentioned before, we opted not to do a party this year, so after church, we had brunch with our family at our house instead. I still wanted it to feel like a celebration, though, so I did do a small amount of decorating:

Letter 'C's reused from their 1st birthday party

'Happy Birthday' banner also reused from their 1st birthday party

Hanging out with Davis & Avery before eating

My favorite boys

Colby & Avery enjoying an episode of Tutitu while Brian attempted a nap

Meanwhile, Clara was throwing a massive tantrum in response to being sent to timeout for THROWING CHAIRS at people. I, of course, had to take a picture, and when she realized what I was doing, this was the look I got in response. Am I the only one that thinks she looks like she's around 16 here?

Colby decided it was his turn to hurl himself on the floor a few minutes later, but managed to handle it a little less dramatically than his other half.

The spread!

The guests of honor eating brunch (and by that, I mean that they ate only the fruit salad and then demanded more candy from their Easter eggs that I stupidly left on the table)

Brian's parents & sis, my mom, Allison, & Brian

Not sure how this worked out, and I'm sure it's confusing to those of you that can tell us apart, but somehow I ended up sitting next to Wade, Davis, & Avery, along with my dad and the twins

The gifts, including this cute new table/chairs from Brian's parents!

Clara got 3 new pairs of shoes and each time she opened a new one, she immediately took off whichever pair she had on and insisted on putting the newest pair on- she is serious about her love for accessories!

Opening the present from their sweet (former) daycare teacher

Family pic- please note that Clara is now attempting to put on a pair of Colby's shoes

The cake! Inspired, of course, by pinterest (thanks to Allison for frosting it!) 

When we sang 'happy birthday,' Colby hid his head most of the time (introvert) while Clara smiled proudly (extrovert)

Blowing out the candles

They loved the cake, as proven by the fact that a bath immediately followed!

An Easter miracle occurred and after at least an hour of playing in their cribs, they finally both took a nap that afternoon! We spent the next couple of hours playing with the Olivers before finishing up the big day with dinner at Chuy's, one of the few restaurants where the twins will sit still and actually eat.

My sweet blue-eyed boy

And my sweet green-eyed girl

Davis and Colby bonding over "Frozen"

They were both testing out the new crayons, but clearly via different methods...

Someone was excited about birthday dessert #3 of the day...

... as was Colby!

They ended the day in really good moods and although we both got a little sentimental when it was time to put our big two-year-olds to bed that night, I couldn't help but smile about what wonderful little people these once tiny babies have become (likely because I had already done enough crying about it the weekend before).

And with that, Colby & Clara's second birthday was a wrap! It was nothing big or eventful, but it was overall a great day with some of our favorite people, and you really can't beat that, now can you?


the blogivers said...

Glad we got to spend the whole day with the birthday babies! And extra glad we didn't have to leave town to go home in the middle of it like we would have in the past!

Emily said...

Can I hire you to decorate? You did such a charming job, even if it was for a small gathering. :)

Such a cute day!

Nelson Bartley said...

That birthday cake! Adorable but it's giving me the heebie-jeebiies just thinking about how much sugar!
Looks like a fun day, though. Happy happy.

Nelson Bartley said...
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Terrie said...

It was, indeed, a great day celebrating with all of you! There was great food, great conversation, lots of entertainment and the sweetest birthday boy and girl ever!

Brittany said...

Looks like the perfect birthday celebration to me! Still can't believe they are 2!

Aubrey said...

Sounds like a great day! I love how Clara loves shoes!!

Brittnie said...

The cake looks awesome. . . very impressed!! Also, I love how much Clara loves her accessories!! Happy belated b-day C &C!

Natasha said...

1) "Let's just say that I have a tendency to set unrealistic expectations and then lose my cool when they are unmet." Ummm... me too. Thank you for being honest about this because it makes me feel less alone when I display this... charming... personality trait.

2) I really want to hear more about Clara's chair throwing abilities. That sounds like a unique talent!

3) When you showed the first picture of the guests I wondered why Wade and your dad weren't invited :)

4) I think a bath post-second birthday cake eating is mandatory. I'm pretty sure both Rachel and Sam required them.

5) What?! Colby and Clara's eyes aren't the same colour?!?!? I thought they were identical twins...

Erika said...

Somehow I never read this post...??? But anyway, happy super belated birthday, twinsies!! Looks like a perfect brunch and birthday...way more my scene than a big throwdown. But it looks like Clara is able to throwdown under any circumstances, so...that's a handy skill. :)