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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Remember when I used to write blog posts in paragraph form?

While Clara seems to be feeling better, I have spent most of the week obsessing about the fact that she is still not herself. And the fact that she has been waking up SCREAMING a few times a night has not helped my ability to concentrate. But her appetite is back to normal and she is even willingly departing her coveted spot in my lap to actually play in the evenings, so I'm hopeful that she's almost back to her normal spunky self.

It is also important to note today that the twins have been out of my womb for 23 months, which means in one short month, my teeny little babies will be TWO. I will try to spare you all of my cliche thoughts about how it has only lasted an instant but an eternity all at the same time. And how I am equal parts depressed and excited that they are growing up and turning into little people. I will instead choose to channel my anxiety into obsessing about what to get them for their birthday and what to serve for Easter brunch with my family that day. Easter/birthday combo dessert idea suggestions welcome!

Other things that are bound to make you jealous about my week so far:

- The twins had lollipops for dinner on Monday night. Seriously. Clara supplemented hers with a fruit pouch while Colby supplemented his with apple sauce, so basically it was a well-rounded meal.

- As of last night, we are finished watching Gilmore Girls, and similar to my thoughts above on the twins' birthday, I am sad but ready to bid Stars Hollow farewell.

- I have been reading an actual BOOK. What's pathetic is that my friend let me borrow it at least two years ago and I just got around to starting it last week.

- I'm going to see Miranda Lambert with a couple of friends at the rodeo tonight! Perhaps more significantly, I somehow managed to have three husband-and-children-free nights out scheduled in a three-week time period (including this one). I'm going to give Allison credit for this because I was never this social before she moved here.

- I'm getting my hair cut on Friday (first one since last June, because I live life on the wild side like that). Poll: should I chop it or just get a trim?


the blogivers said...

1. You're welcome for the lollipop dinner, kids.
2. Thank the Lord you are finally finished with GG!
3. You're welcome for the social boost, even though it stresses you out.
4. I vote for chopping it, because a) it's going to get hot soon and b) you probably won't cut it again until like Christmas so you might as well give it room to grow.

Erika said...

How did you feel about the ending of GG? Also, a Miranda Lambert concert sounds awesome!! And I vote for doing something crazy with your hair! Chop AND dye!

Nelson Bartley said...

Do lamb cakes for Easter/birthday dessert. I think Michaels has the molds.

Emily said...

1. Almost two... it blows my mind too!
2. Thoughts on last season of GG? I hope you didn't hate it as much as I did. I just try to focus on the perfection of the early seasons.
3. Not gonna lie, the book looks depressing. Thoughts so far?
4. SUPER jealous of Miranda Lambert. Last concert I went to was pre-preggo Kenny Chesney. Memories, memories.
5. Chop it. Esp if you only get it cut once every 8 months, might as well go bold. Just don't go all the way to pixie. :)

Aubrey said...

Chop it! I love daring hair people :)

Brittany said...

I vote for chopping your hair! You are one of few people that can pull of short and long, so why not change it up? Glad Clara is on the mend!

Brittnie said...

I always tell people to do something bold and different with their hair and then when it's time for ME to get a cut, I do the same ol boring thing!! Ha! So I know the dilemma!

Sorry again about last night. . . hope you stayed warm and had a relaxing evening in!

Natasha said...

If it's not too late I think you should go with Rachel's theory of hair cutting: "I want it short so I can put sunscreen on my ears!" Needless to say we didn't go that short with her but you should totally do it :)