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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Built-in entertainment

I think Colby and Clara are highly entertaining. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes not so much. And I realize that with the exception of Brian, no one else is probably as amused by the following examples as I am, but what kind of mom would I be if I didn't leave embarrassing information about my kids on the internet for them to roll their eyes at years from now?

- We finally figured out this weekend that the word the twins use for "diaper" is "poo poo.*" Finding this out has cleared up a lot of confusion, as you can imagine. And it also prevented me from having to defend myself to Brian when I was carrying a diaper the other day and Colby declared very matter-of-factly, "Mama poo poo."

*For the record, I don't like the term "poo poo" (I prefer to keep it simple with just plain "poop.") (I'm so glad my mom doesn't read this blog because she would be mortified that I'm writing about this), but apparently they use it a lot at school because the twins have picked up on it.

- Brian's mom saved his collection of Transformers that he had as a child and we have recently started to pull some of them out for the twins to play with. Initially, Colby was the only one that showed any interest, but Clara has also jumped on the bandwagon and has even learned how to say "Optimus" (pronounced "Opis" or "Opmis").

And to answer your question, no, Brian has never been more proud in his life.

We have discovered that Colby prefers the Transformers to be in "vehicle" form, whereas Clara prefers them in "robot" form (or as she says it, "robop"). Inconveniently, however, Colby can't figure out how to put them into vehicle form without our help and Clara can't figure out how to put them in robot form without our help, both of which result in several frantic cries for help, typically from the back seat while we're driving.

It would be great if they could work together on this issue... think I could convince Daniel Tiger to write a little jingle about it?

When your transformer gets stuck, and you want to to cry, hand it to your twin, and let him/her try!

- We walked past a plus-sized store window recently and Colby pointed to the plus-sized manikin and yelled "MAMA!" And on a related note, I've gone back to tracking my food in MyFitnessPal and have lost 2 pounds this week ;)

I'm planning on a more thorough recap of their funny personalities in the near future, so stay tuned for more C&C entertainment!


Brittany said...

Funny babies!! :)

Emily said...

This made me laugh out loud!

Aaron also points to all the Victoria's Secret models at the mall and exclaims "Mama!" and I respond with : "Daddy wishes."

Nelson Bartley said...

Love this picture and you need to be writing jingles for Daniel Tiger.
On another note, I blessedly don't really know who Daniel Tiger is except kids carton (?) character. I couldn't be happier in this case to be out of the loop. Although, the teenager cartoon characters (Kardashians, all Real Housewives of Any and Everywhere, The Shahs of Sunset and Southern Charm crews) are just as annoying.

Erika said...

Hahaha I thoroughly enjoy these!! Also, interesting that they prefer their Transformers in different forms! I'm not sure which way I'd rather have mine, actually. Tough choices.

the blogivers said...

I'm pretty impressed that Clara knows the name of that "robop." I also approve of your Daniel Tiger tune, and I'm glad you have come to appreciate him over the years since you saw that very first episode back in 2012!

Aubrey said...

Ha ha! Love the Daniel Tiger jingle!

Brittnie said...

I am still kind of laughing at when you told the plus size model story last night at dinner and I actually thought Colby used the words, plus size model. Ha! He is advanced but man that would take him to the next level!

Monica H. said...

These are great! We were talking about cows once and my son proudly said, "Mama a cow!" We have that gem on video. And poop must be a daycare thing. He calls #1 and #2 poop, and loudly exclaims, "Mommy go poop!" every time I go into the bathroom. Can't wait until he does that in a crowded public bathroom....

Natasha said...

Cute cute cute Clara saying, "Optimus!" Love it!

Rachel thought everyone on Instagram last night was me. It was actually kind of hilarious (the first two times.)