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Monday, March 16, 2015

A weekend tale of two toddlers

Brian and I both took vacation days on Friday, so Colby and Clara were the lucky recipients of three solid days with Mommy & Daddy. It was not exactly the most relaxing long weekend for the two oldest members of the family, but it was nice to have some extra time together, and - you guessed it - extra pictures to prove it!

So allow me to share with you the highlights for each of the twins from the weekend:

Clara enjoyed...

... the petting zoo at the Rodeo. She walked up to each animal, briefly touched it, occasionally said "hi," and then moved on to the next one. Mama was very impressed with her efficient approach ;)

... being my sidekick/shadow as usual.

... shopping for shoes, so much so that while we weren't watching, she took off her own shoes and neatly arranged them in an empty spot, presumably so she could try on whatever options looked appealing to her?

... stuffing her face with black beans, aka: her version of manna from Heaven.

... playing at the park and enjoying the fact that the sun was once again shining on Houston (though it is apparently going to disappear again soon... boo). 

Colby enjoyed...

... busting out his denim shirt and checking out the Rodeo, though he wasn't quite as enthused about the animals as his sissy.

... the tractors! You can't see it on his face here, but home boy loves him some moving vehicles, so he was very excited to get an up close and personal view of these "tah-tuhs."

... ok, he did not enjoy this, but it was too funny not to share. We parked in a remote lot and rode the metro to the Rodeo, and much to our surprise (given the fact above), Colby was for some reason terrified of the whole situation.

... wearing his chef hat! He seriously sported this thing all weekend.

... in fact, sometimes it was the only article of "clothing" he was sporting.

The twinkies both enjoyed...

... a few fruit pouches on the go, because who doesn't like food that requires basically zero effort to consume?

... eating raisins on the couch while watching TV with Daddy, a post-nap tradition at our house.

... trying out the new bench we got for our breakfast table. This might not have been a wise purchase on our part because I foresee it causing a lot of high chair protests in future.

... snack time after Sunday school. Also, did you notice that all 4 pictures of the two of them together involved eating?

And last, but certainly not least, these two goofballs enjoyed putting their "nigh-nighs" on their heads and running around crashing into each other:


the blogivers said...

Those sure are some cute little ghosties!

Emily said...

I just can't believe Clara lined up her shoes so neatly at the shoe store. That's so adorable!

Aaron also lovvveess blanket-over-the-head running around. I'm not sure why, because I'd be terrified of smashing into something, but apparently that's the fun part.

Erika said...

SO cute!! I love the socks/shoes Clara has on at the classy/classic and girly!! Also, love their kitchen set. I don't feel like I've seen it before- what brand/where did you get it? I like how non-obnoxious it is.

Brittany said...

What a fun weekend! LOVE Colby in the chef hat!! Too cute! I also love the picture of you and Clara!

Brittnie said...

Camille does the same thing with her blankies. :)

Natasha said...

I LOVE the videos of the twins with their blankets on their heads. For some reason watching kids run around like that is endlessly amusing to me!

Also, I love how Clara was campaigning for new shoes :)