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Monday, March 2, 2015

A little bit off

This past weekend was anything but average for a number of reasons:

1. The dress debate. I came across it on facebook on Thursday just before bed, and I kid you not, I woke Brian up to look at it to make sure I wasn't insane. For the record, he affirmed my belief that it was, in fact, blue and black. When I showed it to him again the next morning, however, he suddenly declared that it was white and gold, as did Allison, at which point I began to question my whole life. How was it possible that the two people I trust most in this world and go to most often for advice were both so horribly WRONG?

I breathed a smug sigh of relief when it was the revealed that the dress is, in fact, blue and black, but it didn't stop me from obsessively reading and talking about it for the duration of Friday. And yes, I'm well aware of what the fact that I'm so insistent about there being a right and wrong answer to this debate says about me!

2. My mom came to visit! We (adults and kids included) were all excited to have her in town and enjoyed the added entertainment... and excuse to eat out and shop. But because I didn't think she'd really enjoy watching episodes of Gilmore Girls or balancing our budget, my normal weekend activities were somewhat altered. I did, however, manage to drag her to the grocery store with me at 8 pm on Saturday night. I know what you're thinking, and yes, my life is one continuous wild and crazy party.

Please note the sign above her- deep thoughts by Banana Republic

3. Last, but certainly not least, poor little Clara was sick. She started feeling bad on Thursday afternoon, and spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday reaching new levels of pitifulness. We finally took her to the urgent care clinic yesterday and left with a somewhat unhelpful diagnosis of a stomach bug. This is just different than the other stomach bugs she's caught in the past in that it has lasted much longer and the symptoms are different (I'll spare you the details).

Needless to say, I have about 300 pictures on my phone just like this:

With the saddest being this one: 

Meanwhile, Colby could not have been in a better mood. He was as busy as ever and seemed to be picking up the slack for her by being twice as active and twice as chatty. And even though I was sad for his poor sissy, it was nice getting to spend some one-on-one time with him when Brian was on Clara duty.

So here's to hoping this week gets off to a much more normal start, and in particular, that Clara wakes up feeling like a brand new woman toddler this morning! 


the blogivers said...

The pics of Clara you have been sending me remind me of the dozens of pics I took of Avery last month when she was sick! So pitiful, yet so cute...

Emily said...

Poor Clara! That really sucks. And not being able to firmly diagnose it as "x" makes it worse!

The first picture of the dress I saw was DEFINITELY white/gold, and thoroughly enjoyed reading articles explaining the color variation. :) I blame smartphone filters for this deception.

Nelson Bartley said...

On the bright side, toddlers are always so good when they're sick. Seldom any mischief involved.

Erika said...

Awww...Millie was sick this weekend, too, and I have lots of similar pictures! And how lame is your mom that she doesn't want to watch GG and balance the checkbook?? Ugh.

Aubrey said...

Aw, poor Clara! And I still can't get over the whole dress debate (I'm in the white/gold camp, and I'm worried that I've always been a little color blind!)!

Brittany said...

Sweet Clara! I hope she feels better soon and I'm glad your mom was there to help out!

Brittnie said...

I really hope Clara is better today . . . and maybe will consider eating some dinner instead of a lollipop. :) Glad you got some sister/mom shopping/eating time in despite the little girl feeling sick!!

Natasha said...

That sucks that Clara keeps getting sick. I hope she has a long run of good health soon.

And it's a little sad that I'm envious of your Gilmore Girls watching. Since I just finished all seven seasons in November it feels like it's too early to start watching them all again.