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Monday, February 23, 2015

Why my husband is awesome

I would not describe myself as a positive person. Sometimes my overly-discerning (that sounds nicer than "negative") outlook works to my advantage, but unsurprisingly, more often than not, it serves only to rain on my parade and the parades of those around me. No one falls victim to my parade-ruining more than Brian, unfortunately, and saint that he is, it very rarely seems to ruffle his feathers.

So in writing a blog post about why he is awesome, I could keep it simple by just pointing out that he puts up with me AND usually does so with a smile on his face. But I'd like to give him a little more credit than that, so allow me to share a few recent examples:

1. He developed a cough a week or so ago and in an effort to avoid keeping me up at night, he camped out in the guest bedroom upstairs (next door to the twins and without a ceiling fan!) for a few nights. Had the situation been reversed, I most certainly would have staked a claim on our bed and kicked him out.

2. And on a related note, one of the nights when he was upstairs, I heard Clara crying frantically on the monitor and then heard him shushing her. I assumed he had gone in to calm her down and left, and so I went back to sleep. A few minutes later, he came in the room to tell me that she had actually thrown up and he needed to change his shirt so he could start the laundry. So let's recap: while he was sick, he got up with her, cleaned her up, changed her sheets, and put everything in the washing machine, all without waking me up to help.

3. In addition to being selfless and a great daddy, he is also very resourceful, as evidenced by this little set-up I found on our bathroom counter after his trip to the doctor to address that pesky cough:

That would be (1) the bottle of cough syrup, (2) a shot glass with his fraternity's logo on it, and (3) a syringe that came with one of the twins' prescription medications. I would have assumed there were measuring instructions involving use of the cap, but either that wasn't the case, or he was just feeling creative. Either way, it made me laugh.

4. Yesterday, Brian spent the twins' nap time (aka: the most sacred hours of the day) helping me prepare dinner for the week and then raking up leaves in the backyard with his dad. And in case you're wondering how big of a task that was, allow me to show you a nice before/after:
I know I don't say it nearly enough, but I love him very much and am so thankful for the many ways in which he makes my life easier, better, funnier, and more wonderful. And now my challenge to YOU is to share one great thing about your husband/wife in the comments. And... go!


Brittnie said...

What a great guy!

Brandon is the exact same! Let's see. . . Brandon spends every Sunday planning meals, shopping and prepping our meals for the week (around 2 or 3) so that all I have to do during the day is pull it out and place in the oven to cook. Sure i still have to run to the store now and then, but the majority of the work is DONE. Best ever.

the blogivers said...

He's a keeper, that one! How'd we trick these guys into marrying us?

Emily said...

I love this. :) Adam is not quite as thoughtful and sweet, but he makes me laugh like nothing else. Even when I WANT to be mad, and have a legit reason to be mad (failure to empty the dishwasher, you know - real serious stuff), he somehow always makes me smile/laugh. It's like being mad at a puppy - he's just too funny for me to stay mad at. :)

And how did those shepherd pie pockets turn out? They look delicious on pinterest!

Erika said... star for Brian for the dealing with vomit episode!!! That is amazing!!

sschnitzler said...

It's always a good reminder to share about what our spouses do to make our lives easier. My wonderful husband got stranded on Saturday in Massachusetts with our son after two hockey games due to snow. He drove three hours on Sunday and cleared our driveway of snow because I cannot with a bad neck and shoulder. Not a single complaint...not a one! Oh and he took the dog out to play in the snow for what seemed like forever!!!

Brittany Sciba said...

I'm sure it really blesses Brian to know that he is so appreciated! You always do a great job of that! Since you challenged us to share, I'm thankful that Chris takes an every other night shift laying with Reid until he falls asleep. Often he doesn't make it downstairs until 10:00 at which his night begins and he usually spends part of that time doing dishes.

Allena said...

So sweet! I think I agree with the comment about my husband putting up with me as being why mine is awesome, ha!

Natasha said...

The whole sentence about raining on parades and how our husbands are the ones who get rained on the most and still love us -- that sentence is why Dave is awesome too!

And also that he selflessly went home and back to work on Saturday while the kids and I get to enjoy another week in Mexico with my parents. And it is COLD where we live and not so much in Mexico.

And about a million other things like that. I should probably just write a whole post about why Dave is awesome :)

Aubrey said...

Aw, such a good hubs! And what a great job he did of raking!!

Julia said...

It's so sweet to read how much you love your your husband!
Don't ever forget these things when you are in an argument.
Not to sound like your mother or something but I lost my husband 6 weeks ago to a freak accident and would give about anything to hug his neck just one more time. I don't know how happy I was until my life has so suddenly changed. He for sure was my best friend and the better parent for sure, to our 1 and 4 year old children.