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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Photo an hour - Saturday, 1/31/15

7 am - out for a run

 8 am - waking up the twinkies

 9 am - grocery run (sporting jammies)

 10 am - new shoes for Clara (still sporting jammies)

11 am - diaper change

 12 pm - lunch & mindless nap time entertainment

1 pm - finally showering for the day

2 pm - unhappy about being awoken from nap time

3 pm - birthday party

4 pm - on the road
(car seats flipped around only temporarily - fear not, car seat safety enthusiasts)

5 pm - pearl pic for Melissa

6 pm - playing with cousins & friends

7 pm - bath time

 8 pm - Gilmore Girls & g-chat with Allison

9 pm - Gilmore Girls & painted toes

10 pm - investigating our fire ant infestation

I didn't take a picture at 11 pm (way past my normal bedtime), but you'll be thrilled to know that I was still awake and we were still dealing with the ant situation at the time. 

And that was my Saturday! Would love to see your photo an hour posts, too- same concept as a "day in the life" post but with far less effort :)


Brittnie said...

I might copy your idea of a pic an hour. I always love the idea of a day in the life post but goodness!! How do I document such things? You solved my problem!! Sounds like a great Sat to me. . . minus the ants of course!!

the blogivers said...

I might copy the idea, too! Not sure mine could end on as exciting of a note as yours though...

Brittany Sciba said...

I also might copy your idea soon! Fun day (minus the ant situation)!

Allena said...

I did a day in the life last Friday: - I definitely think yours took a lot less effort and was a lot of fun!

Abby said...

While I totally enjoyed your day in the life.... I still can't get over the fact that you were up running... at 7.... on a Saturday. Major props to you! Can you send me some of that self-discipline please? :)

Emily said...

I LOVE photo-an-hour posts and this is so cute.
1) Super impressed at the 7am run. Also insanely jealous of the flatness of your area.
2) The wake-up pic is just toooo cute. These are the kind of pics that make me want twins. And I'm also jealous that they sleep till 8. Aaron hasn't slept past 6:30 since... ? And he has the same 7pm bedtime!
3) Fire ants.... ICK ICK ICK ICKKKK.

Erika said...

I love this!! What a fun day! The 8 a.m. one of the kids waking up cracked me up. They look like a party and a half!

Natasha said...

I love this! I also love how long the twins wore their pjs :) And I'm envious of all your green. We won't look like that here until April, probably.

teacherJillK said...

Fun post!
Is it brilliant or sad that I could probably quote the dialogue from both of those GG episodes???
"For love is the greatest toy of all! "

Aubrey said...

I love reading your posts, because it makes me think that SOMEday I'll have it all together with twins... SOMEday!