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Monday, February 16, 2015

Just the two, er, four of us

Oh, Valentine's Day, my how you have changed since our pre-children life. I wouldn't say our day was magical and romantic... in fact, I wouldn't even describe some points of it as enjoyable (I'm looking at you, toddler tantrums x 2). 

Admittedly I had a hard time hiding my disappointment about the fact that what used to be such a special day for us (cheesy and manufactured or not!) was stressful and chaotic, but wonderful husband that he is, Brian didn't hold my selfishness against me and made an effort to redeem the day where possible. The highlight was getting to eat lunch on the back porch (thank you, beautiful early Spring weather!) alone while the twins napped... and then watching a few episodes of "Gilmore Girls" (aka: my current love language) until they woke up.

Anyway, imperfections aside, we enjoyed spending the weekend with those we love most. And as a bonus, we both have the day off from work today and the twins' daycare is open, so we will, in fact get a day to ourselves!

Now let's recap the weekend, shall we?

Posted this on facebook but how could I not share it again? Someone thought it was a baby announcement at first- ha! 

I didn't put together a Pinterest-worthy treat for Colby and Clara's classmates, but I did find these cute (free!) printables online!

Our little Valentines testing out Davis's hand-me-down bike after their party- doesn't Colby look happy that we stopped pushing them to take this picture? 

Thank you, Lord, for grandparents that live close by and are more than happy to babysit when we ask! We enjoyed a pre-Valentine's Day triple dinner date with the Olivers and the Blackburns and then a movie with the Olivers. (1) First movie we saw in a theater since our mini-babymoon in February 2013 (2) Am I the only person in America that didn't realize "American Sniper" was based on a true story...? Yes, I live under a rock.

Brian took Clara to pick out flowers and in the meantime, I got some rare one-on-one time with this sweet little guy, who was very much in love with his new giant stuffed puppy!

It looks like they're fencing here, but if you look closely, Colby was handing Clara a flower :)

My three sweet Valentines + Colby's puppy

Took a little walk to Starbucks after naps to get some pink cake pops- love Clara's face in this one!

They aren't holding hands here, but let's please pretend that they are.

He was so smitten with those ducks that he almost chased them into the lake more than once!

Family pic at the park! 

Fast forward to Sunday: playing in the sandbox at a friend's birthday party

Checking themselves out in the reflection on the ceiling at dinner

Semi-impromptu visit from Pop Pop and Clara was definitely enjoying his attention

So tell me: on a scale of 1-10, how similar would you say this weekend was to our Valentine's Day weekend 2009? In case you don't want to re-read it, the highlights include picking out a new dress at the Galleria, dinner at a trendy restaurant, and a hotel stay in town. 

But seriously, thank you to Brian, Colby, and Clara for showing me every day what love really is!


Brittnie said...

Love Clara's outfit on Sunday! And love that you guys got Colby a giant stuffed puppy. :) I am sure he loves it!!

So true how different Valentines day and anniversaries are now that children are around. Wouldn't trade them for anything, but goodness, you do have to work for that alone time now!!

the blogivers said...

Perhaps you should have reenacted everything you did in 2009 with the twins this year? Shopping at the Galleria with 2 toddlers, a nice dinner with 2 toddlers, a hotel stay with 2 toddlers...

Emily said...

1. At least you actually sent in something for the classmates! I was 1 of 2 mothers who did not. Oops.
2. I love [what I think is] your scarf? Judging by the placement to Brian, I'm going to go with you. But seriously, I love mint and polka dots.
3. I want Colby's puppy. It looks so comfy and cuddly!
4. I also want Starbucks pink cake pops. Clara's face is adorable.

Taking #3 + #4 + your weather, I'm jealous of YOUR children's Valentine's Day!

Aubrey said...

I don't know if I'm more jealous of the fact that you had nice weather this weekend, or by the fact that you can WALK to S'bux!!

Brittany Sciba said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! I love the picture of Clara and Pop Pop! I also love the valentine cards you sent to school!! They are super cute!

Erika said...

Love your heart sweatshirt!! And that Clara gets to be the driver on the double trike!!

Natasha said...

That picture of Colby and Clara checking themselves out in the ceiling mirrors is hysterical! Love it!!!

Also, yes, Valentine's Day is extremely different with kids. Oh well. They are worth it. Usually :)