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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Currently enjoying (x2)

1. Peanut butter & dark chocolate Kind bars

2. Chocolate almond & sea salt Kashi bars

Songs (both by Hillsong, both not new):
1. "The Stand" (Hillsong)
2. "Oceans" (Hillsong)

Pieces of jewelry (both Christmas gifts from my MIL!):
1. Kendra Scott necklace

2. C+C necklace from this shop on etsy

Trending blog posts:
1. The Lonely Life of a Working Mom
2. The Manager in my Home and the Five Words that Changed Everything

Children (in no particular order):
1. This one

2. And this one


the blogivers said...

Seriously, we are CURRENTLY such twinzies. Cute pics of the babies! Was this last night before Clara's crayon meltdown?

Brittnie said...

I love those Kashi bars. I smear PB on top and it is so good!

Emily said...

Thoughts on the "Lonely Life of Working Mom" article: I def agree it's exhausting, but I don't feel the loneliness. All my friends/family are also working moms. When we get together, the convo is always a mix of work/kids and to not have that work element, I'd feel left out. But the author said she was once SAHM then went back to work, so maybe her network is entirely SAHMs? I could it being so lonely to having a network that doesn't understand your position in life.

Second article - totally me! I am Master and Commander in our house, and really struggle with the slooowwww down approach.

Erika said...

Love that KS necklace-- SO pretty!! The kids are pretty cute, too, I guess. And now I am going to read that working mom post- thanks for the recommendation!

Kate said...

Copier. (Kidding, of course)

I will have to try those Kashi bars as we love the Kind ones! And I'm in love with that KS necklace!

Amanda said...

I'm not sure that "lonely" would be the word I'd use to describe myself as a working mom. "Misplaced" or "left out" maybe? It's not lonely...I spend all day with other people, I see my son almost every morning before work and every evening for dinner and bedtime, I spend all weekend doing "fun" things with the family. BUT, I do feel left out when I'm around stay-at-home moms (and I do often feel like the ONLY working mom) -- they plan play dates, meet up at the gym to work out together, invite each other out for coffee, etc. and never once think to maybe plan something on the weekend so that maybe us working moms (and our children) could join in (I'm looking at you, lady who planned her son's birthday party on a MONDAY morning!). But at the end of the day, I just don't have the energy or desire to engage in a "mommy war" -- it is what it is, and I'm able to sleep at night knowing that I'm doing all that I can and being the best wife/mom/employee that I can be. ;-)

Terrie Joiner said...

You are an amazing mom, working mom, weekend mom, wife, and dil. You should be an inspiration for all working moms, aw heck, for all moms whether they work outside the home or not. That's all...

Aubrey said...

Ha ha! Love the c and c pics!!

Brittany Sciba said...

I agree with your mother in law! :) I also love the necklaces!

Natasha said...

I love the Clara in a box picture! Seriously, they never ever get old :)

And thank you so much for linking to the "Manager in my house" post. That one really resonated with me today. I need to read that post every single day in this season of my life.