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Monday, January 12, 2015

Using the term "highlights" loosely

And just like that, we survived the first full week back to "normalcy." Readjusting to the lack of sleep, food, and fun, left some of us crankier than others, but we made it through and that's all that matters.

For a relatively uneventful weekend, we still had some pretty eventful highlights:

- Colby got his 2nd haircut! Just like the first time, there were lots of tears, but unlike the first time, he came out of this haircut looking more like a little boy than a baby and I'm not sure how I feel about it (you can't really tell from this pic, so just take my word for it). Regardless, he is still the handsomest!

- We had a double date SANS CHILDREN with the Olivers! Thanks to the generosity of two sets of grandparents (and an aunt), we were able to enjoy dinner without any screaming, utensil-throwing, high chair escaping, or episodes of "Elmo's World" playing on the iPhone. We did briefly discuss the potty habits of our children, but we mostly stuck to adult conversation (read: lots and lots of "that's what she said" jokes.)

- We visited a new church (also with the Olivers... shocking, I know) and enjoyed it! We'll be back next weekend so stay tuned.

- By some act of God, we did not once feed the twins chicken nuggets or macaroni and cheese. And if you spend any time around picky toddlers, then you understand why that was monumental enough to make this list of highlights.

Not sure how this week can top that excitement, but we'll try. I'll leave you with one more pic:

Just watching a little football and eating some raisins after nap time


the blogivers said...

Maybe you need to start playing football games on the phone instead of Elmo's World to get them to stay quiet at restaurants?!

John and Kari said...

haha... now that I think about it.. chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese were not consumed at our house either this weekend.. Such a BIG deal!!

Erika said...

I just like Colby's stylin' vest!! So glad he's keeping up with trends!

Brittnie said...

Where do you go for Colby's haircut? I am thinking my Clara will be needing one (her first!!) in the near future. :)

Glad you all got a date night!

Brittany Sciba said...

So glad that the four of you got to go out alone! Also, I love Colby's haircut!

Emily said...

Finally back around a computer to comment!

I went back and read Colby's 1st haircut story and was incredibly impressed that he actually sat in the chair, even with tears. Aaron has to be wrestled to my body while I yell at the hairdresser: "JUST CUT AS FAST AS YOU CAN!" as he tries to claw his way out. So I'm really impressed. What's your secret?

Also, I love pics of Dad's watching football with their kiddos. It just makes me melt into a puddle of "awwwwwwww."

Natasha said...

Ummmm... I don't know if we've ever had a chicken nugget free weekend so that is major highlight in my books!