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Friday, January 2, 2015

Ringing in 2015

So here we go with the first post of 2015! It will not be anything deep or reflective, BUT it will be very similar to every other post I write, and why not start the year off on a consistent note?

I'm sad to report that we didn't end 2014 very pleasantly, as we found out on the afternoon of NYE that the second set of potential buyers backed out of the contract. We are hopeful that new buyers will come along soon and that the third time's the charm (rather than the whole "bad things come in threes" theory). 

Nonetheless, we still had fun celebrating the end of one year and beginning of another with - who else? - the Olivers. We headed to Cheesecake Factory for an early dinner and although the service was terrible, the food was still tasty and the 3 toddlers in attendance only acted like... well... toddlers for a small portion of the meal.

We were getting the twins dressed before leaving the house and Clara decided she needed Colby's vest more than he did... on top of the vest she was already wearing.

I really can't handle the cuteness of a miniature pea coat. Especially one with a hood.

Clara and Avery scheming about how to break open the glass and steal the teddy bears while we waited to be seated

We're so fancy, we already know...

After dinner, we put the kiddos to bed and stayed up to enjoy sophisticated adult NYE activities, which included the following:

- playing guitar hero
- playing Cards Against Humanity (wherein Allison narrowly beat me, which I insist is only because it was late and I had lost my edge)
- taking selfies
- eating chips and queso
- having a dance party

Did you realize there are 2 different (beautiful) people featured in this montage? We tricked some of you, didn't we?

Somehow, we all stayed up until midnight to watch the ball drop, but you better believe I was in bed and asleep by 12:15. And you also better believe that the twins, who have been sleeping in lately until the glorious hour of 8 or 8:30 am, decided that the first day of the year was a great day to wake up at 7 am. (I know most of you don't feel sorry for me because your kids always wake up that early or earlier, but remember for a moment that we all have to get up extra early on weekdays!).

Clara decided to join me for some more selfies...

We busted out of the house for some early morning grocery shopping and a quick visit to play with our friend, Hayes, who generously bestowed Clara with a belated new year's kiss!

And another first for Clara: her first legitimate ponytail! 
I love it but hate the fact that she looks like a teenager already.

Meanwhile, Colby spent a good part of the day getting in touch with his inner introvert. He was actually in a good mood, just caught one of his forlorn faces here.

And with that, 2015 is officially underway! Brian and I both have to head back to work today, but since the twins' daycare is closed, they get to spend the morning with their Auntie "Peekie" (Allison) (and they actually call her "pee-pee") and cousin Avery until I get home. Wish Aunt Pee-pee luck!


Brittnie said...

Love all the selfies! And I am super impressed that you stayed awake until midnight on NYE. I was promptly asleep by 9:30pm which probably doesn't surprise you in the least. Party animal right here.

the blogivers said...

Ha, even I had to think twice about our selfie montage! We are just so beautiful. Also, are you surprised you did a NYE recap and I didn't? My brain is still on vacay.

Erika said...

WHOA- that kiss!! Kinda intense- I'm not sure I've been kissed that passionately in quite some time! ;) And Clara knows what's up: vests are in, layering is in, so...layered vests is obviously on point!

Nelson Bartley said...

I was confused only because I did realize the montage was two different people and I thought I was wrong....
Glad to be validated so early in the new year.

Aubrey said...

Ha ha! Aunt Pee Pee :). Happy New Year!!

Emily said...

Clara's outfits get me every time! Leggings, Uggs, and puffy vests are just so precious!

Glad you guys had fun! I've never had outstanding service at the Cheesecake Factory either. I think they know it, too, and don't especially care... because you know I will put up with a lot for cheesecake.

Brittany Sciba said...

Love the pea coat and the ponytail!

Natasha said...

I'm sure there is a lot to comment on in this post but I'm just stuck at how adorable that pea coat is and half a melting puddle at Clara's kiss. Imagining Rachel's first kiss undoes me as it already kills me when she holds hand with a boy.

Natasha said...

Also, I'm sorry about your house deal falling through. Grrrr. I am praying that the perfect buyers come along soon. Like next week.