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Friday, January 9, 2015

I have to be honest about a few things

1. I like writing the number '4' more than the number '5.' I just think my 5s look ugly. So now that 2015 has arrived, I'm really not enjoying having to write down the date.

See what I mean? It's so much uglier. The 5 looks like it has a flattop haircut.

2. We recently made our first purchase from and while we were very pleased with it, I am not so pleased with the 800 thousand e-mails I have received from them since then. I’m thinking about sending them a copy of He's Just Not That Into You (… or maybe just unsubscribing from their e-mails).

Here's the purchase nonetheless!

3. I have already started seeing ads for items pertaining to EASTER (I'm looking at you, zulily and Smocked Auctions). The twins’ birthday happens to fall on Easter Sunday this year, so I wish everyone would cut it out with the reminders that my teeny tiny babies are about to turn TWO.

4. On that note, I'm thinking about not doing an actual birthday party for them this year. I know a few of you have gone this route, so any thoughts/suggestions on how to still celebrate?

5. I have a few recipe boards on Pinterest, but finally decided to create a separate one yesterday entitled, "Meals the Twins Actually Eat." This is both depressing (because their toddler pickiness warrants a board entirely separate from the meals we normally cook) and immensely helpful at the same time!

6. I just want to drop out of society and watch "Gilmore Girls" 24 hours a day. Make that 12 hours- I'll spend the other 12 sleeping.


Natasha said...

I borrowed the entire set of Gilmore Girls DVDs from friends and I pretty much did watch them A LOT. Let's just say much sleep was sacrificed but it was worth it! These days I am much better rested but missing Stars Hollow.

the blogivers said...

Ugh, I'm with you on #6, even if I just watched the entire series. I just told Wade last night I need a sick day - but really I just need a day (or several) to lay in bed with no responsibilities.

Brittnie said...

We are going the small family only party route for Camille's one year. Kind of boring, but makes more sense for our family right now. Small lunch and cake and just sit around and watch the cousins play? Win.

Also, I am with Allison and would like to have one sick day per week please.

Brittany Sciba said...

1. I think your 5 is cute! ;)
2. Love the rug! Really pretty! I just recently went through my email and unsubscribed from about a million lists, including I've never even ordered anything from there! It felt GOOD.
3. Waaaa! 2?!
4. I would definitely recommend the non-party route! I feel like 2 is the perfect age to do that and we are planning to do it for GK this year as well. For Reid we did a "family day" and Chris took off work and we went to the zoo. Then our parents met us at Rainforest Cafe for dinner and then we came back and did cake and presents. I tried to think of something that fit his interests at the time. I am thinking about doing a family day at Build a Bear for GK this year, but I'm not sure if she's too young.
5. Good idea!
6. Also a good idea! :)

Katy said...

I just started season 4, when Rory goes to college, and I realized that I was really sad that her and Loreli wouldn't be in the same house anymore. I mean, we will see separate story lines...I like THEIR story lines, TOGETHER. I made the mistake of mentioning my sadness over this to Zack...Plenty of laughter followed.

But for real, I'm pretty addicted. It actually fueled a 5:00 am workout this week because I knew I was going to get to watch it while I rode the bike :)

Amanda said...

I could not agree more about the 4 v. 5 thing. I mean, personally, I think your 5 looks right nice (you have cute handwriting!) -- but I just don't write the number 5 very well, it doesn't flow as smoothly as a 4 or something like that. Seriously, it's an internal debate I've already had a number of times this'd think I'd have more important things to worry about...

Also, thank you for sharing your new Pinterest board. I've already started following it and greatly appreciate any advice I can get in terms of getting a picky toddler to eat. "Hey, Andrew, what do you want for breakfast?" "Um, mac and cheese," he says. Sigh.....

Emily said...

With the time it takes my packages to arrive from zulily, I'm not surprised Easter is already up! Any later and I don't think it would get here in time.
But yeah, I get your drift. It's like when we went grocery shopping on Dec 27th and say Valentine's Day merchandise. I think there needs to be a segregated period of detox time between holidays.

Also, we're doing a low-key birthday this year of immediate family and cake. I think at this age, cake and presents should be more than sufficient. Aaron's birthday falls on a Monday so we're doing the party on Sunday, and then Monday I'm toying with either taking off to do something fun (zoo, etc) or sending a few dozen foil helium balloons to daycare (one daycare parent did that and Aaron was so happy you'd think it was his birthday that day). We'll see!

Emily said...

*saw, not say. I figured you'd get it, but the mistype was super bugging me.

Erika said...

I should be ashamed to admit this, but I since Millie started daycare this week, I FULLY expected her to get daycare-funk sick by like...Wednesday. You know, the day that was 14 degrees outside and miserable and I had all these great visions of me staying home to take care of my sick baby and stay warm and cuddle and watch GG all day...and she has the nerve to be all Super Immune System Baby and mess up my plans? Ugh. I felt kinda bad about how disappointed I was that she didn't have a fever Wed or Thurs... haaaaaa. (Obviously it's not that I WANT her to be sick. It's just that I was so positive that she WOULD be because HELLO- daycare. So it was more the disappointment at my sick-day plans being ruined by health.) (Just don't want anyone to think I'm the worst person on earth ever.)

Aubrey said...

I really need to get on board with Gilmore Girls!

kayla Agan said...

We are doing the girls second birthday at a park by our house. Sending an evite, no fuss, fruit/cupcakes/balloons! 😄