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Monday, January 5, 2015

Twenty-one months

At 21 months, Clara:

- is still a big fan of her Wubbanubs (thankfully only in the crib and car... maybe one day we'll be brave enough to give them the boot) and now refers to them as her "fwenz" (friends). This is because every morning when she wakes up, we tell her to "tell her friends 'bye bye.'"

- is very into accessories, particularly shoes, jackets/vests, and bracelets. When she opened a new vest from her Aunt Shannon for Christmas, she insisted on putting it on immediately.

- still refers to her brother as "Rah-rah" (the name he uses for her).

- would most certainly identify herself as a mama's girl, though she of course loves her daddy dearly, too. If she's in my presence, there's a very good chance that you'll find her climbing all over me and insisting on me holding her.

- has quite the temper and let's just say her emotions escalate quickly. This makes it very hard to discipline her because when she's mad or upset, anything you do only makes her more mad or upset... we're still trying to figure out what will work consistently to calm her down. Why don't children come with a "reset" button (or a "mute" button, for that matter...)??

- loves to dance and play "Ring Around the Rosie" (aka: "Asha Asha DOW!!").

- enjoys being around people, and more specifically, enjoys being the center of attention.

- likes to put her feet on the table during meals and has been known to pull her socks off with her teeth...? Let's hope she kicks these habits before she starts dating.

- has recently taken an interest in Elmo and various characters from "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" (Minnie and Toodles being her favorites).

At 21 months, Colby:

- thinks the most fun game in the world is playing keep-away from his sister. He loves to steal her "fwenz" and make her chase him around the room to get them back, sometimes even sticking them in his mouth just to taunt her.

- is a bookworm! He will happily sit in your lap and read book after book - as long as he gets to pick the book and can control the pace of page-flipping :)

- though not quite as temperamental as his sister, can be pretty aggressive. We recently received a note from daycare informing us that they had to talk to Colby about using "gentle hands" with his friends. We have all 3 been victims of his not-so-gentle hands... and his not-so-gentle throwing of inanimate objects!

- is sensitive at the same time. He gets his feelings hurt very easily and knows how to turn on the water works to make you feel sorry for him. Once again- not making it very easy to discipline!!

- loves to give hugs and will often try to cheer "Rah-rah" up when she's having a fit. He seems to know, however, to keep a safe distance, lest he be a victim of her rage.

- is a big fan of "guh-guhs" (trucks), which still seems to apply to any moving vehicle.

- loves everything involving sleep: his stuffed animals (I am not exaggerating when I say that he sleeps with 8-9 of them every night), his "nigh-nigh" (blanket), and even the "bah bahs" (stars) and "MOO!" (moon) projected on his ceiling. This love, however, does not extend to actually sleeping at naptime. He stays in his crib for 2-2.5 hours, but generally only sleeps for 45 minutes to an hour- if we're lucky.

- is really good at puzzles! And while I know it's not fair to compare, I've noticed that this is a stronger skill for him than Clara, and I think it's most likely because he's more patient and thinks before he acts, whereas home girl just plain acts.

- claps and stomps his feet when he gets really excited about something, whether it be bath time, a particularly exciting snack, or a rousing rendition of the "B-I-N-G-O" song.

- is very much a daddy's boy. He is constantly asking "dada?" and smiles and runs to him whenever he walks into the room (even if he just left 30 seconds prior).

I really can't believe they're about to be TWO, but their tantrums and generally manic behavior make it a little easier to believe ;) Nonetheless, it's pretty fun to watch their not-so-little personalities develop and I'm looking forward to that continuing as they "mature" (I use that term loosely). 


the blogivers said...

Happy 21 months, sweet little ones! Works out pretty nicely that one is a mama's girl and one is a daddy's boy, right?

Brittnie said...


Feel free to just keep figuring out the whole discipline thing and then just share all your insightful new info with me, ok? I have no idea what is ahead, but predict Camille might give us many instances where practicing these insights would come in handy. :)

Brittany Sciba said...

Happy 21 months sweet babies! I am probably always going to call them babies. I love the picture of Colby sitting by his pile of "guh-guhs". Such a boy!

Emily said...

There's so much cuteness here I want to burst!
I died when you said that Clara likes to put her feet on the table at dinner; such a little rebel!
It's also so cute that Clara is a Mommy's Girl and Colby is a Daddy's Boy, since stereotypically those are reversed. Just goes to show you that kids don't give a crap about societal expectations. Feet on the table and all... :)

Natasha said...

I love these updates. It's so fun to see how different Clara and Colby are!

Both my kids were about two and a half when their soothers finally got the boot, so as far as I'm concerned, Clara still has plenty of time to hang out with her friends!

If you ever find that "mute" button (or the "reset" one), please let me know. I'd really like the "mute" button for Sam lately, as he pretends to be a howling dog or wolf with great accuracy.

And I wish I had the flexibility to pull my socks off with my teeth. I think that would actually impress a date!

Erika said...'s taking all of my self control to not attempt the socks-with-teeth thing. Such cute kiddos!!