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Monday, December 15, 2014

"Vacation" days

I think it's safe to say I have already come close to ODing on the holidays. Don't get me wrong- I'm enjoying every twinkle-filled moment of Christmastime and all the festivities it entails, but good gracious, this is exhausting! First world problems, I know.

I do indeed have a picture of the dress I referenced in my last post, but I indeed did not end up wearing lipstick. Try not to focus on my pale lips and instead focus on the fact that I'm an adult taking a picture alone in front of a Christmas tree... with my hand on my hip. 

Like a selfie, only more awkward!

Brian and I had a fun kid-free night at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular- I would highly recommend checking it out if it's in your area! It was a fun Christmas event and the entire show only lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes, including a 15-minute intermission, so it wasn't so long that we were anxious for it to end (or so long that we had to stay up too far past bedtime).

We both took a vacation day on Thursday and miraculously, it went exactly as planned! We all slept in and then the twins went in late to daycare. Brian and I then spent SIX HOURS shopping at one of the outlet malls, which I would also highly recommend because weekday shopping meant not having to deal with Christmas shopping crowds.

We finished off the day by checking out Sugar Land Holiday Lights. Once again, weeknight = no crowds, and the kids had a great time, with the highlight being two trips around the carousel (during one of which Colby rode a turtle... since when were there turtles on carousels?!).

And as if the carousel ride wasn't exciting enough, we also made a cameo on the local news! And two people we knew actually saw it! We haven't had any fan mail arrive just yet, but I'm certain it will be here any day now.
See that shadowy kid on a guy's shoulders behind me? That would be Wade and Davis. We apparently did an awesome job of eclipsing Allison completely from this shot.

I also took a vacation day on Friday with grand plans to have some "me" time and tackle important tasks like wrapping Christmas presents. Unfortunately, it did not go exactly as planned because a certain sweet little sidekick of mine woke up with a fever (yes, again).

I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I had hoped, but I enjoyed some extra one-on-one time with my favorite little lady and it was nice not to have to stress over missing work to keep her at home since I was already off for the day anyway.

The daycare was actually having a Christmas caroling program that afternoon at the same time as Clara's appointment with the pediatrician (spoiler alert: no explanation for the fever- probably just a random virus), so Brian graciously took over Clara duty so I could watch Colby "perform."

Just like at the Thanksgiving program, he kept his game face on and didn't bother participating in the actual singing. He didn't actually spot his fan club (Allison & the kids came, as did my mom) at first, but once he did, he decided to crawl slowly over to me, as if the teachers wouldn't notice if he did it that way- ha!

So there you have it: "vacation" days in the life of a working mom. I'm taking another day off this Friday so please say your prayers that everyone stays well so mommy can be lazy and self-indulgent productive before Christmas comes!


the blogivers said...

I know they loved the carousel but it's funny how serious they both looked!

Emily said...

1. LOVE you in that dress. Personally, I think pale lips are far more attractive than lipstick. In my infinite beauty wisdom (heh), I call it the "natural look." Also, this pictures qualifies as one of those "yes, nailed it!" photos that stays as my fbook profile pic for 18 months.

2. Vacation days from work without children are glorious. I'm taking off the 21st/22nd and NYE, but leaving Aaron in daycare for both. I tell people he needs to stay adjusted to daycare or else its a shock going back in (which IS 100% true!) but mostly I'm super excited for some legit productive days around the house. Bad mother? I don't care.

Brittnie said...

Love your dress! Y'all are basically SL celebs!! Congrats!!

Erika said...

Can I outsource my Christmas shopping to you and you can do it on Friday? Thanks!! You look fab at the party, even sans lipstick. I think I would love that Radio City show!!

Brittany Sciba said...

LOVE the dress!! You looked beautiful! I'm sorry Clara is sick again, but I'm glad you got to go watch sweet Colby in his Christmas program!

Courtney Squillante said...

Y'all are so cute!! :)

Natasha said...

Love the dress. That sucks that Clara keeps getting sick. I'm impressed you got all your Christmas shopping done in one day. I love stealthy Colby :) I hope yesterday's vacation day was much more successful.

Monica H. said...

The dress - which looks lovely on you - quite literally saved the day here in Georgia! I saw the post/link the week before my company holiday party. In desperate need of attire, my coworker and I ordered several dresses each and crossed our fingers. That was a productive morning... Long story short, her dresses didn't come in time. Mine did, including the gold one (sorry to be a copycat), but it didn't fit. Gave it to her to try and it fit her perfectly! She looked lovely, too. Completely random story from a mostly stranger, but thought you'd like to know that you saved the day :)