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Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving pictorial

I'm happy to report that Clara's double ear infections didn't put a damper on her spirits (or her sass) for the duration of our Thanksgiving travels. I'm less happy to report that she threw up in the car on the way home from Dallas (presumably due to car sickness?)... and even less happy to report that I caught some of it in a plastic cup, which I then got to hold for the remainder of the trip.

Nevertheless, I think you all know that a few years ago, I would have killed to have a child of my own to barf into a cup I was holding as long as it meant that child was mine, so I will tie this whining up with a tidy little bow and let it be known that I am beyond thankful for her and her brother, vomit and all.

Let's get on with the pictures now, shall we? Disclaimer: I managed to take basically no pictures with any family members except the 4 of us, but trust me when I say they were there. In fact, Thanksgiving dinner had 19 family members in attendance. 

I went for a run before we left on Wednesday morning and was pleasantly surprised to see that Fall had arrived! This is one perk I'm enjoying about living in an older neighborhood with "established" trees!

You'll just have to trust me about the fact that their monogrammed turkey shirts were super cute.

Thanks to a stop at Sonic on the way into town, we procured these Batman glasses. Thanks to an inability to enforce regular "rules" while traveling, Clara spent a lot more time bonding with her pacifiers than we ordinarily would have liked :)

Bat-Colby looks pretty intimidating, don't you think?

Family photo opp before Thanksgiving dinner. Tell me, mothers of older children: will we ever be able to get them to (a) sit still and (b) smile again?

Hard to tell, but these two were going to town on the chips and dip tray. Thankfully, everyone else had finished eating out of it, because they were taking "double dipping" to a whole new extreme.

Outside of eating, we also did a little shopping and walking. Clara and Avery joined my mom, Allison, and me for a walk on Friday morning and I managed to get this shot of them matching and mean mugging each other.

While sharing a room with the twins isn't ideal, they are such good sleepers that it doesn't typically end up being problematic. And plus, it's pretty sweet to get to wake up to these faces at the end of our beds in the morning!

I know you're sad that I took this post-rather-than-mid-barfing, but here's a pic of poor Clara looking confused about what just happened. 

We spent Sunday recovering (and washing/drying/folding what seemed like everything we owned). I will be honest with you: at that point, all of the togetherness that we do not typically experience due to work/daycare was starting to get to us. Ok, it was starting to get to me. 

I had had enough of the whining, fighting, destructive behavior, and disobedience, and reached my breaking point. Amidst the twins' yelling, I started to cry, and poor Brian was stuck trying to calm all 3 of us down. Thank the good Lord it was just before nap time so we were all able to get a break and pull ourselves together. (Also, thank the good Lord that my husband is, in fact, a saint.)

The rest of the afternoon was actually quite pleasant, and in no small part because our Christmas lights went up, thereby completing Joiner Household Christmas Decorating 2014! 

Love this one of the twins checking out the Christmas tree and snowman!

We also (finally!) got to bust out the Christmas jammies!

You're shocked to find out they have owls on them, aren't you? And even more shocked that Allison got a matching set for Davis and Avery, aren't you?

Colby went in for an impromptu hug, which resulted in this...

And with that, our Thanksgiving week(end) was complete. Hope yours was equally as exhausting in the best way possible!


the blogivers said...

Glad we got some concentrated time in with y'all for a few days, even if that concentrated time ended very badly at the park last night! Enjoy going back to work and getting a "break" today :)

Brittnie said...

Love that little video at the end! They are too cute. And you are pretty much super mom for holding the cup of barf for that long of time in the car. I am pretty sure I would have demanded that we stop so I could throw that bad boy away.

Brittany Sciba said...

I feel like Clara looks so much like Brian in the post-throwup picture! Not that Brian normally looks like he just threw up. :) Your Christmas lights look pretty! I also love the babies in their cute Christmas pajamas!

Emily said...

I am super impressed you got a family photo! Daycare requested a family photo and our last one was... Easter. And when you discover the magic to make kids sit still and look at the camera, PLEASE SHARE.

Also LOL about excessive bonding time. Totally had a similar moment this weekend.

Erika said...

I love Clara and Avery glaring at each other in their twin outfits- too funny!! Enjoy the peace and quiet at work today!! :)

Jenn said...

The picture of them in diapers looking at the lights is too much! I think your family photo turned out very well! We have found bribery will usually get us one or two snaps with the kids holding still and looking at the camera. A piece of chocolate for a blog worthy photo seems like a fair trade to me.

Katie Jeanne said...

Cute pictures! I'm sorry the little miss was sick, but you are super mom for holding the barf- ish! Thanks for sharing!

Natasha said...

If you've seen any of my attempts lately to get an intentional photo of my kids you will see that at ages 3 and 5, they still don't sit still and smile nicely. I'm hoping that stage will come SOON!