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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Santa pics

Some of you will be jealous and some of you will be disappointed to learn that we paid Santa a visit prior to Thanksgiving. But I'm not even a little bit ashamed because we didn't have to fight the crowds or wait in a long line. And in my world, my impatience trumps my desire to be seasonally appropriate.

As a reminder, here's last year's picture:

Not too excited, but not terrified either.

My expectations for this year were low... considering offering the "wrong" color sippy cup is enough to set the twins off, I was under no illusion that forcing them to sit on the lap of a stranger would go without a protest. 

And protest, they did! Clara's flair for the dramatic did indeed deliver, as did Colby's ability to be pitiful. Enjoy:

And here's the winner: Merry (?) Christmas from the Joiner twins!

And because I'm a sucker devoted mom, I even shelled out $30+ for an unnecessary number of prints of this gem (wallet-sized snapshots of their terrorized faces included).

Here's an "after" shot once they had calmed down. Colby was clearly enjoying his souvenir "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" book that Santa gave him while Clara was suffering from a small case of PTSD.

And this was actually a "before" pic (clearly), but she looked too cute for me not to share.

So there you have it. And food for thought: is wearing an outfit with Santa's face on it when visiting Santa the child equivalent of wearing a band's t-shirt when going to see the band in concert? Discuss.


the blogivers said...

I think Santa deserves a raise. I wonder if our children were the first inconsolable ones of the season for him??

As for the t-shirt, I think we can now say Clara was wearing it ironically since she doesn't actually seem to be a fan of him, so it's totally ok.

Brittany Sciba said...

I cannot stop laughing. These pictures are amazing! They also make me want to visit a real Santa instead of the free/grumpy/will only hold one kid at a time guy at Bass Pro.

Brittnie said...

Those are awesome!!! And PS I love their outfits! Where did you get Clara's little outfit?

Emily said...

AWESOME! I don't believe in cutsy Santa pictures; I only believe in the terrorizing ones. This is PERFECTION!

Erika said...

These are epic and amazing and truly a wonder to behold. And before I even got to the end where you brought it up, I was also contemplating the thing about wearing a Santa while seeing Santa. Isn't that weird and kinda meta for Santa? How does HE feel seeing himself emblazoned on the shirts of kids?

Natasha said...

Ha ha ha! These are awesome!!!

hollie marie said...

I literally laughed aloud at those pics-- they are awesome enough to frame and display for many Christmases to come.

Also their outfits are SO cute! Who cares if they have Santa on them?

JoJo said...

Bahaha. These are priceless.

Jaclyn said...

These are like a right of passage for all children so you're actually helping them out. Where did you get the super cute Christmas overalls? I can never decide on one etsy shop.

Courtney Squillante said...

I'm sorry but I LOVE crying santa pics! These are hysterical!!!!