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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

House drama

So in case you haven't noticed, I have refrained from whining about mentioning our former house (and the fact that it has not yet sold) for the past month or so. And I'm sure you've really felt like you were missing out on the inner workings of my First World Problem, so I'm here to remedy that.

Brian finally gave in to my desperate pleas to just get the dumb house sold already and he agreed to lower the asking price. We lowered it pretty substantially in early November and within a week or so, had an offer just slightly above asking price. Hallelujah! The offer was contingent upon the buyers selling their house, but they were out of the option period and there were no red flags (AND WE WERE INTERESTED IN SELLING OUR HOUSE, IN CASE I HADN'T MENTIONED IT), so we accepted.

Brian, the occasionally more level-headed one of the two of us, suggested that I not shout from the social media rooftops about our good news just in an effort to be a little guarded in the event something didn't work out. But believe me, if it were up to me, there would have been excessive public celebrating to share the good news.

The closing date was set for mid-December and everything was moving smoothly along. At one point, a clerical error with the sale of the buyers' current house caused us to have to extend the closing date by 5 days. I'm not a patient woman, but 5 days later still meant closing before Christmas (best present ever, in my book), so onward we marched.

Apparently, however, this Christmas gift wasn't meant to be because on the very night of the original closing date, one of the co-signers on the loan very suddenly and unexpectedly experienced medical issues preventing him/her from being able to close on the house. And just like that, the deal was off.

As you might expect, I was irrationally upset about the whole situation and quickly convinced myself that our house would never sell and we'd be stuck paying two mortgages for the rest of our lives. And I was also certain that anyone else that would have been interested in buying the house had already come and gone while we were under contract.

Honestly, the whole house-selling process can be a bit like dealing with infertility. You wait and you wait and you wait - all the while watching other people lament their woes of unexpectedly getting an offer within the first day of putting their house on the market (aka: newlyweds getting pregnant on their honeymoon) - and trying not to scream at everyone asking you, "Why don't you just rent it?" (aka: "Why don't you just adopt?").

Ok, I'm reaching with the analogy. But still, you get the idea... waiting stinks! Being patient stinks! Having no control stinks! Owning two houses stinks!

But alas, just as was the case with infertility, God had not forgotten us after all, and a mere 7 days after receiving the disappointing news, we received word from our Realtor that another offer had been made on the house. And as of 2 days ago, the papers are signed and we are under contract... again!

So if you want to avoid having to read updates that are this boring in the future (and me having a nervous breakdown), please, please, please join us in praying that everything works out with the current buyers/contract!


Brittnie said...

SO glad you are under another contract! Praying continues. . . :)

Brittany Sciba said...

Awesome news! Also, I'm pretty sure I asked you at least once about renting your house, so I'm sorry. :)

Emily said...

Because you TOTALLY needed that extra stress during your holidays. What is Christmas if not the perfect platform for disasters!
Seriously though, very glad that it's moving along!

Erika said...

UGH this story sucks!!! But the analogy is great. Only the timelines aren't congruent- if you were this disgruntled about not getting pregnant after less than a year of trying, I would punch you in the face. ;) The acceptable-to-be-pissed timeline is much faster for house-selling, obviously, so I don't blame you a bit!! I seriously hope that this buyer is the one, that they get raises and promotions this month that only bolster their confidence that this is the best choice ever, and that they also maybe develop a little knee and back pain and realize how much they hate yard work and how awesome the small back yard will be to maintain. ;)

the blogivers said...

Does it make you feel a teensy bit better that at least this didn't happen to your favorite sister when she was trying to sell her house? Think of how different the holidays would be right now if we weren't living in the same town!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that things are looking good for the house. As I read this post and some other posts from you blog I couldn't help, but think of another blog I read recently. Here is the link -

I know you two have had your fair share of trials with infertility and this house issue doesn't make it better, but I know that God is indeed aware of you and understands. The blog is about a mother who dealt with infertility as well. She was never able to have children of her own, but she did adopt. She told how her sorrow was turned into a growth experience. I think you guys will relate to it a lot.

Do you agree?

Natasha said...

I know how much house buying sucks, so I can only assume house selling sucks about as much. Blah. I'm praying for you.