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Monday, December 8, 2014

Five on Monday

You know how all of the cool bloggers do the "five on Friday" post where they share five random things on Friday? Well I'm not a cool blogger and this is not Friday, but... well... you get the idea.

1. Clara was sick... again! She spent the latter part of the week with a mysterious symptom-less fever. Well, unless you count being really pitiful as a symptom. It was nice to get to spend some alone time with her, but it was a bummer that she felt so crummy (and we had to miss work).

I did my best to pretend I was a legit SAHM by doing the following:
(1) wearing workout attire even though I wasn't working out
(2) going to Target (wherein my child REFUSED A FREE COOKIE SAMPLE... obviously sick)
(3) watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix during nap time

Fortunately she started feeling better on Friday, but was still pretty clingy throughout the weekend :o/

2. Sugar Land Farmers' market - Yes, Sugar Land has its very own farmers' market, and even though it is pretty small (and surprisingly lacking in actual produce?), it's not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning. We hit it up this weekend with the Olivers, and the highlights were (a) the stand selling kettle corn, and (b) the fire truck on display.

You can tell by our attire that we weren't exactly planning for a photo opp, but we ran into a friend and couldn't pass up a rare picture of all 8 of us!

She was not drunk, as this picture would suggest.

Firemen featured in calendars often don't wear shirts. My fireman opted not to wear his pants.

3. Hanging out with the twinkies - The highlight of every weekend, duh.

Not sure why, but leaning to one side or the other always results in lots of giggling. As does watching mommy and daddy dance.

We're doing our part to keep Amazon in business and the twins are loving it!

Just watching some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Davis- Avery was busy practicing her walking skills and avoiding her destructive cousins/brother.

4. Pecan Grove Christmas lights - There's a neighborhood in the area that goes all out with Christmas decorations every year and we have an annual tradition of driving around to check them out. (I even devoted a whole blog post to it a few years ago!) This year was no exception, and although there was an increase in whining from the crowd in the backseat, there was also an increase in cuteness thanks to repeated "Ho Ho!" coming from the backseat whenever we spotted an inflatable Santa.

5. Cookie exchange - Two of my friends and I have been hosting an annual Christmas cookie exchange since 2010. It is always a blast, and most importantly, it is super low maintenance. I always fail to take pictures, for some reason, but all you need to know is that there were about 30 people there and each of those people brought 3 dozen cookies to share. So, basically an event for wannabe diabetics.

Aren't we festive?

So there's my list of five. Feel free to share your own!


the blogivers said...

Funny how similar our blog posts are today (not just in content, but in style) despite not having talked about it!

Brittnie said...

We will def take Clara to the Pecan Grove Christmas lights this year, so I might need some info on exactly where to go!

I am LOL about the SAHM comment of "wearing workout attire without actually working out." SO true.

Sad to miss the cookie exchange for the 500th time, maybe 2015 will be my year!!

Natasha said...

Five comments on your five:

1) I hope Clara fully recovers soon. Unknown illnesses are so hard on everyone.

2) I can't believe you're still wearing SHORTS! Let me know if any houses come up for sale in your neck of the woods.

2 a) Has your old house sold yet? Did I miss this news or have you just been quiet about it because there is no news.

3) Clara's owl outfit is giving me some pangs because Rachel wore that exact outfit last year but we had to give it away. I loved it!

4) I was thinking about why I need to get dressed out of my pjs and into my yoga pants (wherein I won't do any yoga) and I realized that with young kids you can't really keep your clothes clean so why wear nice clothes so they can look dirty about thirty seconds after you put them on? Then I felt much more justified in my clothing choices :)

5) I loved the "Clara isn't drunk" caption and the "My fireman opted not to wear his pants" one too! Ha ha ha!!!

Emily said...

Ugh, unknown sicknesses are the worst!

But on the happier note... Colby's fireman outfit threw me into a fit of giggles. I need to buy a fake fireman helmet and attempt a calendar shoot. (Note, this great idea will never ever happen)

Erika said...

So when one kid is stick and stays home from daycare, do you take the other one in anyway? Just curious. And I highly applaud your kettle corn purchase at the farmers' market- my favorite!!! And I'm sad there are no pictures of cookies at the cookie exchange, but I'm similarly bad at taking pictures of 'events,' so I won't judge too harshly.

Brittany Sciba said...

Poor Clara! :( Loved seeing you yesterday and thank you again for hosting such a fun event! :)

Courtney Squillante said...

I totally want to do a cookie exchange! Yum!!