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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fighting porcupines (and getting a break from them)

Brian e-mailed the Dilbert comic-of-the-day to me yesterday and I could relate all too well:

(I can also totally relate to that lady's hairstyle, which looks suspiciously like the poop emoji on the iPhone.)

Fighting porcupines in a salt mine = possibly a more relaxing activity than wrangling the twins on some evenings. Especially evenings after which neither of them have napped well at daycare. (On a semi-related note, we were informed at pick-up yesterday that Clara was having a "fussy" day and at one point took off her boot and started beating her classmate with it. I have no words.)

But, you see, being at work is also its own kind of crazy, so each provides relief from the other. And this afternoon/evening, I actually get a break from both because of my company's Christmas party and one of Brian's company's Christmas events! I'm excited for a night out on the town but (lame mom confession) also a little sad that I don't get to put the twins to bed.

I bought a new dress, painted my nails and toes, and if my friend/co-worker, Heather, gets her way, I might even trade my chapstick for actual lipstick... but don't count on it.

I'll be sure to report back on our child-free fun, but don't worry, I'll be back to over-posting pictures of my offspring in no time!


Brittnie said...

Have fun tonight! You deserve a night out on the town!

the blogivers said...

Have fun without those porcupines tonight!!

Erika said...

Oooooh pretty dress!!! Can't wait to see pictures of you all fancy with your LIPSTICK and dress and all! Have fun!

Brittany Sciba said...

Love the dress! Have a great time!

Emily said...

1. Frame that.
2. And that dress - beautiful! I expect pictures.
3. On a totally not-related-to-your-post note (but I just read it seconds earlier), "Clara" made her debut in the top 100 baby names this year.

Jenn said...

Her hair very much looks like the poop emoji. :) I love the dress, and hope you have a blast tonight wearing it.

I am hosting a Jameson Monroe giveaway on Our Little Miracles. You should stop by and check it out.

Allena said...

As a fellow working mom, I 100% agree. Work is a break because kids are hard, but work isn't nearly as fulfilling, so it's totally a catch-22. I get excited to do grown-up stuff but then miss the kids?!?! But I guess the upside is a lot of SAHMs never get to miss their kids (or at least not very often) and I think it makes a working-mom appreciate the time a little more??? Maybe?

Natasha said...

Have fun this afternoon/tonight! Even as a SAHM I miss putting the kids to bed on nights when I'm gone.

Also, I've been stressing out about dressing up for Dave's work party on Saturday night and your post reminded me that now I have to worry about lipstick too. Gah.

Courtney Squillante said...

So fun! Hope yall enjoyed some time together!