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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fewer words than normal Wednesday

I have a few pictures from the weekend that I want to post, but am feeling too unmotivated to tie them together with anything other than captions, so basically this is like "Wordless Wednesday"... except with some words. 

My parents were in town this weekend and my mom had a good time watching for birds outside the front window with the twins (PS- Clara, way to rebel and wear polka dots instead of stripes.)

Franny also relived the glory days of mine and Allison's childhood by getting stuck (literally) in the middle of a twin fight. This particular fight was over a very serious issue: mini marshmallows. 

While Colby was unwilling to share his marshmallows with Clara, he had no issue giving some to Pop Pop. 

I'm sorry, but how cute is this little girl?

Big girl testing out the big girl swing

And brother following suit

We celebrated Brian's sister's birthday at Pappasito's on Saturday and someone was apparently sleepy...

... not too sleepy, however to take a few bites out of the raw tortilla dough that the waiter brought out before the meal for the twins' entertainment.

I'm sure one kid has fun alone in the bathtub but I have to think it's not as much fun as these two have together.

The twins both insisted they were done with breakfast on Sunday after only eating a few bites. Once removed from their high chairs, they scurried promptly over to examine the Christmas tree, and then came back to the kitchen and demanded the rest of the food they hadn't eaten (which we served to them on the floor because we're awesome parents). 

Colby watching one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies in his rocket ship jammies

After a busy end to the week, I declared that Sunday would be "take it easy day"... and then I remembered that we live with two toddlers and will probably not take it easy again for another 18 years. Case in point: this would be Clara having a meltdown about something that was "MIIIIIINE" [hers]!

How much longer will they think helping with yardwork is fun, I wonder?

My two favorite guys playing at the (very cool) playground on yet another unseasonably warm December day

Best friends forever

The new Rudy's just opened up in Sugar Land last week, which basically makes Brian's life complete. I also don't think he's sad about the fact that he ended up eating most of Colby's banana pudding in addition to his own.


the blogivers said...

They are looking too big on those swings!

Emily said...

I love Clara's little polka dot shirt! Super cute. :)

Brittnie said...

CLara's meltdown!! HAHA!

Which park is that??

Erika said...

Love the polka dots- it's nice to branch out sometimes!! And I love her jammies too...the ones with the floral-ish pattern that I don't know the name of...

Brittany Sciba said...

Looks like a fun weekend and a fun visit with Franny and Pop Pop!

Natasha said...

Do they seem like they're twelve now that they can go on the big swings by themselves?!?!

And I love Clara's red and white pajamas. They're so classic.