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Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas entertainment not inspired by Pinterest

While all of the dedicated moms out there were crossing items off of their family advent calendar activity lists and scheming new poses for their elves on a shelf, I did what any overtired working mom would do and resorted to the internet for Christmas entertainment instead. Lucky for you, I needed blog material am feeling generous, so I'll share these festive ideas today:

1. Elf Yourself - Yes, I do this every year, and it never gets old. Here's the 2014 Joiner family edition for your viewing pleasure.

2. Reindeer Cam - In case you haven't been introduced to this massive waste of time awesome source of amusement, it's a website featuring a live feed of Santa's reindeer... sitting around and being reindeer. It's pretty boring for most of the day (much like being at the zoo during the animals' nap time), but 3x/day on weekdays and 1x/day on weekends, Santa makes an appearance to feed the reindeer!

3. Google Santa Tracker - Phone Call from Santa - This allows you to have Santa make a personalized phone call to people! It prompts you to enter a variety of information, like the person's name and location, but it also lets you throw in some important details, like what kind of food Santa should request they leave on Christmas Eve. Choices include chicken and waffles, two chicken tacos, and more!

This would be great for those of you with kids old enough to actually listen to a phone call, but we mainly used it to prank our adult family members.

4. Google Santa Tracker - As the name suggests, this allows you to track Santa on his journey around the world on Christmas Eve. We obviously haven't been able to use this yet this year, but will definitely be watching Santa's progress the day after tomorrow. (Oh, and if you go now, there are other activities in Santa's "village" to tide you over, including the phone call option.)

5. Video Message from Santa - My friend, Heather, told me about this gem and it did not disappoint. Similar to #3 above, it allows you to input specific information about the recipient, and even lets you upload a picture of the him/her. We created one for Colby and Clara and they were glued to the screen:

If you have any other similar ideas, please share!


Brittnie said...

I love that y'all prank called family members. Excellent idea. Have a great Christmas!

Brittany Sciba said...

These are fun ideas! Elf Yourself is seriously so funny and provided over 30 minutes of solid entertainment for Reid. I'm thinking any of the Santa ones will freak him out this year, but I'm going to remember them and try next year! Also, if it makes you feel better, we didn't do a family advent activity calendar or Elf on the Shelf either. :)

the blogivers said...

You forgot to mention that one of the Santa calls gives you the option to refer to your nephew as "butt licker..."

Natasha said...

I love the idea of pranking family members with calls from Santa!