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Friday, November 21, 2014

My apologies to Thanksgiving (aka: stocking stuffer ideas!)

Remember a few years ago when I wrote a blog post about my ideal stocking stuffers? Well I figured 3 years was long enough to make you wait for a second edition. But you're in luck, because this year, I was nice enough to include ideas for the men and children in your lives.

Some of these are updated versions of the 2011 items, because I'm nothing if not predictable consistent, and some of them are new. Most importantly, all of them are awesome. Also, I should clarify that I'm not even remotely trendy so if you're here to read about 2014's Hot New Christmas Wish List Items, you are most definitely in the wrong place.

For the ladies:
1. Philosophy "Peppermint Stick" bath gel

2. A tube of candy cane chapstick (shout out to my pal, Heather, for introducing me to this last year!)

3. Family calling cards/gift tags (like these)

4. Maroon Kendra Scott earrings (for those of you that don't support the Aggies, shame on you there are other color options)
"Elle" earrings in maroon jade

"Morgan" stud earrings in maroon jade

"Dee" earrings in maroon jade

For the men:
1. Subscription to Dollar Shave Club (who knows, maybe it would even result in guest blog posts from your significant other?)

2. V76 by Vaughn hair control balm - This is not cheap, but has worked well on Brian's hair since he started growing it out... and as a bonus, it smells good!

3. Hot sauce 

I hear this brand is legit, and if not, there's always...

For the children/toddlers:
1. Personalized placemats (like these)

2. Jammies! You can never go wrong with jammies, especially if they have owls on them (like these and these from Gymboree, which we might or might not have purchased more than a month ago for the twins, Davis, and Avery):

(Kind of wishing they made these in my size...)

3. Duck & Goose books - I picked up "Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin" on a whim for the twins and it was an instant hit. This one is next on the list:

If you have any great stocking stuffer ideas, please share!!


the blogivers said...

I should do one of these if for no other reason than to get some of the things I actually want in my stocking! ;) Good list!

Nikki Miller said...

What is with Duck and Goose?
We purchased Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin and our school's book fair and our 15 month old is obsessed! Seriously, I think we read that book a dozen times a day. In order for our own sanity I "primed" Its Time for Christmas just to shake things up... Don't worry Thistle also makes a camo in this classic tale... Why does Thistle have a name?

Brittnie said...

I will have to look for the Duck and Goose books. . . never heard of them. Fun post. . . love me some Christmas stocking stuffers!

Erika said...

Great list! You might want to branch out on your earring colors, though. What if you wear a shirt one day that doesn't coordinate with maroon?? Perish the thought. And I haven't heard of these Duck and Goose books but I will have to look into them! Also...bacon hot sauce. That is amazing.

Brittany Sciba said...

These are great ideas!

theColeBin said...

Ooohhh, so many good ideas!!! 'Been thinking about the Dollar Shave Club ever since your "guest post." I've already got Beer Soap and Bacon Shaving Cream for the stocking, so it would be a perfect fit for the "hygiene" theme!

Aubrey said...

I totally need to try that Chapstick! Yum!

Natasha said...

Okay, I want to find some bacon hot sauce for Dave because that has his name all over it! And that peppermint body wash sounds awesome. And those owl pjs... oh my word, are they ever cute!!!