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Monday, November 24, 2014

For your Monday amusement

Just two things that have amused me lately and I hope will do the same for you:

1. I shared this on facebook last week, but wanted to make sure my non-facebook friends had the opportunity to see my budding actor/actress in action as well. For your viewing pleasure, here is Colby & Clara's class performance at the daycare's Thanksgiving program:

To answer a few questions:
a. No, Colby did not just wake up from a nap, nor was he under the influence of any medication.
b. Yes, Clara is (almost) always that clingy.

2. I receive brochures for various seminars in the mail at work on a regular basis. I usually throw them in the trash, but I came across one last week that was so intriguing, I had to share it with you: the "Conference for Women."

"What kind of relevant and inspirational material will they cover at a conference entirely for women?" I wondered to myself. I opened up the brochure and learned that for the low price of $150, I could attend such sessions as:

- "Personalize your work space to feed your spirit"
I'm sure the Conference for Men is covering the same topic.

- "Keep your emotions from running the show"
You mean, you can even teach me how to do that during that time of the month?!

- "Presenting yourself as a woman who's going places," described further as "how to foster an appearance that shows you're in command, yet approachable"
Don't bother taking me seriously because of my knowledge and abilities - take me seriously because my wedge heels compliment my blouse without being too distracting!

Seriously, I couldn't stop laughing while I was reading this. I wouldn't describe myself as a big time feminist, but even I found the whole thing to be a little insulting. And don't you think this would make great material for an SNL skit?

Anything making you smile (or scratch your head) today?


the blogivers said...

It made me smile to get up at 5:45 so I can get out the door by 7:30 for a 4 hour road trip with 2 small children! (Sorry, the day is too young for me to pick anything else...)

Brittnie said...

Clara has a Christmas performance mid December. Hmmmmm. I will be sure and let you know how that goes. :)

Erika said...

Haaaaaa that conference!!!! Totally snark-worthy. And it reminded me of the amazing Bic Cristal for Her pen reviews on Amazon ( you haven't enjoyed those before, I implore you (and anyone else reading this) to GO READ IMMEDIATELY. And have a hankie handy because you will laugh so hard you'll cry. And if your eye makeup is smudged at work, what man will take you seriously??

Brittany Sciba said...

While I still can't watch the video because I keep forgetting to ask Chris to fix it, I can see the freeze frame (is that what it's called?) on the screen and I'm loving the expressions on both kids!

kayla Agan said...

I was seriously laughing out loud at that'd video! Made my day! Really all of it starting with the baby leash and then Clara being like "forget this" and the "gobbling" teachers! It's just too good. But Colby deserves the Oscar! He is just too funny/cute! His face just made me laugh so much and keep smiling a few minutes after! Ha!

theColeBin said...

Video - Burst out laughing. Totally cute.

And the conference - DYING. In a former job, the "Women in Leadership Committee" sent out a meeting invite along the lines of: "Understanding Football: helping us converse with our male coworkers on Monday mornings." I forwarded it to a bunch of my guy friends at the firm (including now-husband) with a snarky comment of "Um, I think I know football better than some of you. Would you like to attend in my place?" But first instead of forwarding... I accidentally replied to the sender with that comment. WHOOPS.

theColeBin said...

PS: I just read the BIC comment reviews on Amazon, per Erika's suggestion. Hysterical. My fav is the 1-star review mentioning the lack of batteries...

Emily said...

I always think I'm so tech savvy until I get on Blogger. Then I'm like my grandma. "What do I do press to enable email responses???" Got it. Whew.

(Record for most comments from the same person per post???)

Natasha said...

I think my favourite part is where the worker wipes drool (I'm assuming) off of Colby! Ha ha ha!