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Monday, November 17, 2014

Call off the search- I'm alive

So in case you didn't notice, I was missing in action last week. And I can't decide if the fact that no one harassed me about it is a good thing (because I don't have to feel guilty for slacking in future) or a bad thing (because I could have been dead and no one was alarmed). I'm going to go with it being a good thing.

I hosted a baby shower at my house for one of my best pals on Saturday and that meant any discretionary time was spent on the 3 Cs: crafting, cleaning, and cooking... when I wasn't hanging out with my own two Cs, that is.

The shower was a success so now I can focus my obsessing tendencies on the holidays instead. Hooray! (And just for the sake of transparency, I should tell you that I did listen to Christmas music the entire time I was prepping for the shower. I even considered having it play in the background during the shower but I thought that might conflict with the "little pumpkin" theme, so I refrained.)

Here's a little bit about what else I've been up to...

Two Fridays ago, Colby, Clara, and I attended a play date with a bunch of other SAHMs and their kids. I felt like a total impostor, but they welcomed us with open arms. The twins were big fans of the trampoline, as evidenced by Clara's goofy face. Thanks, Brittnie, for including us! (And not pictured, but I went to happy hour on Thursday with some of those same SAHMs and it was so much fun! Our goal is to make it a monthly tradition, so wish us luck.)

Parents-of-the-year update: Brian and I are trying SO hard to get the twins into watching TV. If we could get them to sit still for even one 20-minute show, it would be fantastic. I blame daycare for the fact that they have almost zero interest in it, and while I know it's a real "blessing" that they aren't addicted to television, it would also be a real "blessing" if we could fold a load of laundry/clean up the kitchen/eat some chips and guacamole in peace without both of them being all up in our business.

And when all of the togetherness-without-any-breaks gets to be too much, sometimes we start bath time just a tad early to preserve our sanity get a change of scenery. I always love it when they have a whole bath tub to spread out in and choose to sit together like this.

In the midst of all of the baby shower crafting last week, I also got to craft this lovely family collage for daycare. I couldn't help but think how crazy it was that I was putting something like this together for my own children, because I'm pretty sure I was just assembling a similar "all about me" collage for my sorority pledge class directory about 5 minutes ago. (5 minutes = 13 years)

It has been straight up cold lately, which is exactly how I like it. I live for these 2 months out of the year where I don't sweat any time I leave the house. And for the first time EVER, we live in a house with a fireplace, so we are taking full advantage. And by "we are taking full advantage," I meant that Brian is 100% responsible for starting and maintaining the fire and I just sit there and enjoy it.

And speaking of the fireplace (nice segue, I know) here are some pictures from that "little pumpkin" shower. This was before it started, so don't worry, there were about 800 more presents added to this pile. Baby Campbell will have no shortage of clothes, that's for sure! (And don't tell Colby, but I put one of Clara's bows on his stuffed bear.)

Here's the spread! All of the other hostesses live out of town, so I was responsible for all of the food (minus the pigs in a blanket). Thankfully no one complained about any of it to my face, so I'll call it a win.

This was my proudest accomplishment: a cheese ball rolled in Dorito crumbs to look like a pumpkin (with a bell pepper stem). Thank you, pinterest, for the inspiration. And thank you, low standards, for convincing me this is an admirable accomplishment.

Allison helped me make these chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes, and most importantly, she frosted all of them. Reason #8,053 that I'm glad she lives nearby now.

The big brother of the baby being honored at the shower coincidentally had a birthday party the next day, so off we went to The Little Gym to celebrate! Colby was much more adventurous than Clara, but they both had fun playing. I, on the other hand, had no idea how much work The Little Gym was for parents. I was literally sweating from all the activity. At least I "earned" my Elmo cupcake, right?

And this has nothing to do with anything that "happened" over the weekend, but at one point, I was taking some selfies with Colby while he was playing with my hair (I have high hopes that both children will perfect and continue this habit for many years to come).

And then he stopped to hug me and my heart exploded. Also, I look like Kermit the Frog here.

Alright, so now that you're caught up on my life happenings, I can get back to posting my requisite 2-3 times per week. Or not. We'll see.


the blogivers said...

I'll be praying for you guys about the t.v. thing - tough stuff, for sure!

hollie marie said...

Isaac wasn't into watching much TV at that age either... and I was also torn between rejoicing that my child wasnt interested in the "evils" of cartoons and the desire for 30 free minutes of time. Fast forward to today and my kid could watch Curious George for literally HOURS on end. I try to meter his TV time, but on cccccccold days like these, we may just camp out with George and call it a success.

Erika said...

I'm so glad you made a label for those cupcakes. I was like 'WHAT ARE THOSE MINISCULE EXCUSES FOR CAKES?!?!?!' I'm really happy you cleared things up. ;) The shower looks beautiful and I'm glad you're enjoying your fireplace!! We just had our first fire this weekend, too!

Natasha said...

I love your cheese ball pumpkin. In fact, I want to eat some of it right now. The fact that it is covered in Doritos makes it even better!

Rachel loves playing with my hair. She often asks me, "Do you want all your hair?" which is why she is not yet allowed to play with my hair while holding scissors, but other than that it is all good!

theColeBin said...

I think I've been silently stalking your blog long enough that I'm overdue to comment... my son was never interested in TV and then my husband got him into Thomas the Train. Well, thanks to my husband, he ONLY watches TV while SITTING ON OUR LAPS. Which means although it gives me 11-30 minutes of quality social media iPhone time, it also means I can't get anything productive done around the house. Is this a parenting win or parenting fail???

Katy said...

That Dorito cheese ball is AMAZING! A friend made one for our Halloween party and I ate an embarrassing amount of it...Yours turned out great!

And good luck on the TV thing. Seriously. I cherish my after school TV rest time.

Courtney Squillante said...

I was so happy the day my kids learned to sit and watch tv. No shame!

Brittany Sciba said...

I love everything about this post, but I will focus on the collage and shower! You did such a great job on both!! :)

Brittnie said...

The shower food looks amazing! You did a great job!! And girl, no shame with the tv. Baby Einstein is my saving grace some days!! :)

kayla Agan said...

1. I feel the exact same way about t.v!
2. We do that little "early" bathtime trick weekly!
3. That cheese ball is a huge accomplishment & the cupcakes are awesome!

Natasha Johnson said...
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