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Monday, October 27, 2014

Standard Fall weekend post

I know this is the biggest understatement of the century, but toddlers are exhausting. Especially when there are two of them. Having infants was tiring, but this is a whole different kind of tiring.

I miss the twins when I'm at work all week and I always look forward to actually getting to hang out with them on the weekends. But then the weekend comes and all I want to do is... well... nothing. And doing nothing is not exactly one of their favorite pastimes, believe it or not.

So with that being the case, we had a weekend full of the opposite of nothing. There was time at the playground, there were meals out, there were meals in, there was running around the house and acting like wild banshees, there was church, there was a visit to one of the local pre-Halloween carnivals, and thankfully for me, there were two child-free escapes with Allison.

(Allison and I would like to apologize in advance, by the way, for having close-to-identical blogs from this point forward. Sorry, but not that sorry.)

So yes, it was a full weekend, but perhaps the most important thing to note is that we successfully executed a Pinterest-inspired craft! The twins' daycare is creating its own pumpkin patch out of pumpkins that are decorated by all of the students, and while an activity involving two 18-month-olds and knives sounded like a blast, we opted for painting rather than carving.

Behold, our Pinterest success story:

Step 1: Place tape on pumpkin and trace letter.

Step 2: Cut letter out and remove remaining tape.

Step 3: Let children fingerpaint on/around the taped letter.

Step 4: Remove tape while paint is still relatively wet. 

And there you have it!

For the record, much to no one's surprise, Brian was the more "fun" fingerpainting supervisor and I was the one getting worked up about the paints mixing and about Colby trying to paint everything besides the actual pumpkin. Thankfully for this OCD mama, this was a very quick craft project :) 


the blogivers said...

The pumpkins turned out super cute, but I'm super glad we didn't join you for this craft since just the thought of fingerpainting gives me anxiety!

Brittnie said...

My kids are never exhausting. . . not quite sure what you are talking about! :)

Love the pumpkin crafts!

Brittany Sciba said...

The pumpkin craft is super cute!! I'm obsessed with the Dorothy and lion costumes. ADORABLE. Loved see y'all this weekend!

Erika said...

Love that Wizard of Oz theme- super cute!!! I was obsessed with being Dorothy when I was a kid,'s a good thing Clara and her sassy red sparkly shoes weren't around back in '88 or she mighta gotten beat up and robbed.

hollie marie said...

Toddlers ARE exhuasting!!! And they only get more demanding as they get older. One little benefit to having 2: at some point they will entertain each other and you might get a minute to yourself ;)

I think back and wonder why having an infant seemed so hard and tiring... oh to go back to the days where Isaac wasn't mobile and slept most of the day. ha!

Natasha said...

I love your kids' costumes and am envying the fact that they will obviously not be wearing them in the SNOW that is being forecast for here for Friday. Gah.

Sadly, I cannot reassure you that the exhausting days will pass. I am currently flaking out after having spent all day with my super-demanding and emotional three year old. I know that this too will pass but for now it's early bedtimes (for me!) and lots of prayers for patience :)

Aubrey said...

I totally love that picture of you walking with C&C!