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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Momarazzi strikes again

In case you didn't get enough pictures of my offspring in Monday's post, I'm back with more! This past weekend was relatively plan-free and the humidity was below one billion percent for a change, so like everyone else in this general region, we took advantage. 

On Saturday, Clara sported her newest owl attire (courtesy of Mimi), and somehow aged 10 years in the process. She seriously looks like a pre-teen to me in these pictures!

If looks could kill… 

This is the one that kills me. She does not look like my 18-month-old baby here!

Coveting her brother's new dump truck (which has been upgraded this week from "duh duh" to "guh guh," for the record)

After the impromptu photo shoot, we knocked out an entry in the baby book and got Colby's first haircut. We thought about going to Snip-its (requisite children's hair salon that resembles Chuck E Cheese's), but they weren't all that friendly on the phone and I wasn't interested in dealing with a wait.

We lucked out at the local Super Cuts and were able to get in and out in under 15 minutes. Here's a before shot so you can see why he was very much in need of a trim (lest he risk sporting a baby mullet):

We put him in the chair and this is the look we received in return for committing such betrayal...

And then the tears started...

And continued…

Notice the tear drops on his smock?

And finally it was finished! He suffered from mild PTSD for a few minutes, but nothing a few Cheerios and a trip to Costco couldn't fix:

After naps and errands, we made a quick visit to my grandparents, who happen to live right next to a creek and have lots of duck traffic in their backyard, much to Colby and Clara's amusement.

We finished up the evening with dinner outside in our backyard. The twins stayed in their seats for all of 3 minutes before they started banging their spoons on trees, playing with the dogs' food bowls, and generally ignoring our instructions. 

On Sunday, we also subjected them to a photo shoot with our front porch pumpkins before church, for which neither of them really cooperated, but that won't stop me from sharing our attempts.

Someone thought his pumpkin was a ball and kept launching it onto he sidewalk.

Ready… set… throw!

My favorite thing about this pic is that the jack-o-lantern's face matches Clara's!

Brian and his dad spent the afternoon building us a breakfast table (!!!), so we busted out our newly acquired water table for the twins' entertainment. 

And because it was their half birthday, we finished up the weekend with dinner and (half) cupcakes for the littles. And yes, we most definitely sang "Happy Half Birthday" and put 2 candles in the cupcake. 

Picture overload complete. Thanks for indulging me. Looking forward to this coming weekend which will likely include very few photo opps, but WHO CARES because the Olivers are moving into town!!


the blogivers said...

(Insert thoughtful comment here that I don't have the brain capacity to come up with today but still wanted you to know I read it)

Brittany Sciba said...

I love both of Clara's owl outfits! So cute!! Colby's crying during his haircut is heartbreaking, but he sure looks handsome! I'm impressed Brian and his dad are making a table! How fun! Hooray for the Olivers becoming Houstonians!! :)

Erika said...

Clara DOES look really old!! Geez!! And I'm glad you're teaching the kids the life skill of coping with emotional trauma by shopping. It always works for me!

Brittnie said...

Can't wait to see the breakfast table!

Natasha said...

Costco always calms me down too! Ha ha ha!!!

And I LOVE all of Clara's owl attire in the post. I think it's the leggings which make her look older. Oh. My. Word! Cute!!!