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Monday, October 6, 2014

Eighteen months!

As promised, I busted out the real camera to take pictures last weekend in honor of the twins' 18-month birthday yesterday. They just so happened to be sporting their game day attire for most of the pictures, so allow me to state, for the record, that if I were arranging a legitimate photo shoot for the twins, I would not have dressed them in sports fan gear. 

I'll share a few words and a lot of pictures. Feel free to skip past the words, but I would not recommend skipping the pictures, unless you don't like looking at pictures of cute toddlers. 

Colby Wayne
Colby's current nicknames: Guy Man or simply "Guy"

Not sure how big or tall he is at the moment, but I'll be sure to update you after their 18-month check-up on Friday.

- When it comes to eating, this guy is a machine. He will regularly eat everything on his own plate and a fair amount of whatever is on Clara's plate (once she starts flinging it on the floor and we take it away from her).

- He seems to have hopped on board the one-nap-a-day thing, although we can still hear him squealing and playing for the first 30-45 minutes after we put them down.

- He loves stuffed animals and before naps/bedtime, he will hand each one in his crib to us to hug and give back to him before we finish tucking him in. And similarly, when he's playing, he'll grab one (usually "Rojo" the red bear - I know, we're so diverse), hug it, and then bring it to one of us to hug.

- He loves dump trucks ("duh duhs"), and refers to most moving vehicles as such. Brian's mom got him a new one this weekend and he was pretty pumped, as you can tell.

- And speaking of hugging, he is a lovable little guy and usually much more willing to show affection than his sister. He does, however, often go into guy mode where he ignores us completely and refuses to comply with our requests for hugs.

- He continues to be very easygoing (again, would NOT have guessed this during the first 3 months of his life), and very few things ruffle his feathers. 

- The list of things that do ruffle his feathers: being dropped off at the church nursery, being around new people, having to share a toy he really likes, running out of/waiting on food, being put in his car seat when he's in the middle of something fun

- He's very into books right now, whether that be "reading" them or pulling every single one off the shelf and making a giant mess. The two books he grabs the most often are his book about dump trucks and "Goodnight Aggieland." 

- He is such a little boy, and I think that's even more pronounced since he's constantly being compared to his sister. And speaking of the little princess...

Clara Lane
Clara's current nicknames: Littlest, Little, Messy Misses, Crazy Pants

- This smiley little thing continues to be a handful and a half. She's a drama mama and has truly perfected the art of tantrum-throwing and melting down.

- She is in the middle of a (seemingly permanent) mommy phase, which means she is clinging to me (literally and figuratively) about 95% of the time that we're together. If I try to give her to someone else or (God forbid) leave the room without her, there is screaming. And there are tears. And it is really unenjoyable for all parties. Thankfully, this does NOT apply to daycare.

- She's our little helper and is always closing doors, bringing us our shoes, fetching needed items for us, and picking up trash. She also sometimes likes to pick things out of the trash, unfortunately… and pick up trash off the floor in public places, which is not so neat.

- She's not necessarily a picky eater, but she can be a pretty finicky eater. In true toddler fashion, she loves a food one day (or one minute) and throws it immediately onto the floor the next. It is really amazing how much more of a mess she makes while eating than Colby does.

- She still naps like a champ. We typically don't hear a peep from her after we put her down and she will nap 2-2.5 hours most of the time.

- And on that note, we have yet to cut the cord with the pacifiers. She only gets them while sleeping and in the car, so I don't feel like she is so dependent on them that we have an "issue" (yet). So for now, this is one battle I'm not picking!

- She is very chatty and will repeat just about anything we ask (or sometimes don't ask) her to say. The other day, I was carrying her to the car and told her she was being a little toot, to which she responded, "Too?" 

- As you probably guessed, she is not quite as easygoing as Colby and the list of things that ruffle her feathers is much longer :) Some highlights: having her hair put up, getting her diaper changed, being confined to the playroom... generally not having what she wants the exact way she wants at the exact time she wants!

- She is the most dependent little independent person there is. She prefers walking to being carried and always wants to sit in big chairs when she has access to them. She loves to feed herself and just generally does things on her terms, but she is quick to remind us when she needs our help or just wants us to pay attention to whatever she is doing.

- Even though she can be a little toot, she also has a sweet side. She loves to take things to Colby that he likes, she will kiss your boo-boo if you ask her to, and she's very snuggly when she wants to be.

These next two pictures make me laugh because they give you an idea of just how difficult it was to get pictures of her… it was much like photographing Big Foot!

And now for a few pictures of the dynamic duo together...

This outtake was too special not to share.

Yep, that's about right.

More animal crackers, please!

I'll have to retake this one when they're 15 ;)

Happy 18 months, Colby and Clara- thanks for keeping us on our toes and making us smile!


the blogivers said...

Happy half birthday, sweet little gremlins! Excited to get to see you all the time starting SOON!

hollie marie said...

They seriously look like you and your husband in toddler form! :) I can't believe they're already closing in on 2 years old!!!

Brittnie said...

So cute!! Happy 18 months C & C!!

Erika said...

They have some seriously excellent game day wardrobes. BUT I must say that the cannon on Brian's shirt makes for some disturbing photographs...

Brittany Sciba said...

Such cuties! Happy 18 months Colby and Clara! I loved reading and learning more about them! :) Also, Rojo the bear made me laugh.

Aubrey said...

Haha loving that Colby calls dump trucks "duh duhs"!!!

Natasha said...

Seriously, they are just too cute!!! Also, neither of my kids got rid of (read: I forcibly took it away) their soother (paci, I guess, in American vocabulary!) until they were two and a half so you've got some time. If you want it.